American actress turned Christian YouTuber Chynna Phillips Baldwin recently disclosed her sexual trauma at the age of 12, which God turned around and prompted her to help others.

The 54-year-old Chynna Phillipps Baldwin made the disclosure in the April 23 episode of her "California Preachin'" YouTube Channel. Baldwin narrated in the episode entitled, "I Was Abducted By Two Strangers At 12 Years Old," that she was with a female friend bound for Seattle when two strangers abducted them.

A Christian Actress' Sad Story

According to Baldwin, her friend's mother took them to a bar where they spent several hours. Baldwin and her friend left the bar and rode a pickup truck after two men offered to drive them home. The men, however, drove onto a random dirt road and assured them they were being driven home. The actress said, at that time, she was already panicking because she felt something was not right and she could see the path the men were taking was not the way to her home.

Baldwin said the men pulled over by a lake and invited them to skinny dipping. She started crying inside when the men started taking their clothes off. She then urged herself to come up with a quick plan to protect herself. She and her friend ran through the woods until they reached the main road. A woman stopped by and helped them complete their escape. The actress said she never told her mother about the incident and it was never reported to the police.

"I know that's a really sad story. But the truth is, that could have turned out very, very differently and I'm so grateful to God for that," Baldwin said.

After the incident, Baldwin recounted that she felt hopeless, gave up, and resorted to drugs and alcohol. She convinced herself then that it was what she needed to get through her life.

"I was using drugs because I was in a ton of pain. I was hopeless. I was running. Thank God I got to the other side of all of that," Baldwin continued.

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A Christian Actress' Channel Of Hope

The actress went on to reveal that she chose to disclose certain stories to her YouTube channel's 75,900 subscribers and the general public because she believes that "many people can identify and it helps people feel less alone."

Baldwin shared that she felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to do so and that there was no need for her to feel ashamed about her past. She highlighted that it was the Holy Spirit that led her to confess her past to her followers.

Baldwin's confession isn't new. The actress had first spoken about being a victim of sexual abuse two years ago. In a video published on October 26, 2020 entitled, "I Didn't Want To Call It Rape, But That's Exactly What Happened To Me," the actress recounted what happened to her when she was already a teenager. The experience, she highlighted, left her feeling hopeless and damaged. Yet her walk with Jesus, she pointed out, removed that stain.

The rape happened six years after the two men abducted her and was inflicted by a male friend of hers. It particularly happened on her 18th birthday at her friend's house when she was heavily intoxicated. She said she was very confused about what happened after her male friend pulled his pants down. She underscored feeling drugged.

The actress said that though Jesus has already removed that stain in her life with His blood, there are still days that she feels stained. She assured followers that God does not want anyone to carry trauma around, stating that "it's forgotten in Jesus' name."

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