Joel and Victoria Osteen are hosting a "Night of Hope" and inspiration at Yankee Stadium for the first time since the COVID-19 virus swept the United States, closing down gatherings around the country. The couple hopes the event will provide healing and wholeness to the country.

Osteen, who pastors Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, with his wife, stated in an interview with The Christian Post that the church had staged "Nights of Hope" every year since 2004 - until the COVID-19 pandemic broke up those plans.

The 59-year-old preacher said they never imagined taking such a long hiatus. They had no idea when they would return once they had stopped. "It just felt right," he said when Yankee Stadium called to tell them they had a date. It was as if God had thrown open the door for them, he said.

It's no coincidence, according to Osteen, that the church's first large-scale, in-person event in a long time will be hosted at Yankee Stadium in New York City, one of the country's largest and most iconic arenas in one of the country's most diverse cities. It's God's way of asking people to "Come back to Church," he believed, and they want to inspire some people to believe in their aspirations once more.

The event will take place on Aug. 6 and will feature CeCe Winans, Tauren Wells, and the Lakewood music team, as well as a message from the Osteens about what God has done in their lives, especially how his mother recovered from cancer.

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A Night of Healing and Salvation

He anticipated that the night would be full of inspiration, allowing the past things to go, preparing for the new things God wants to do, and trusting in God's goodness for the people.

Thousands of people from all across the county have attended Lakewood's Night of Hope events over the years. According to Osteen, around half of those who attend the gatherings have never been to church before, but 70 percent to 80 percent of those who do commit their lives to Christ after the night.

Individuals would stand for salvation even if they had never made a public statement of faith before, he said. The ultimate goal is to ensure that people know the Lord and are willing to stand up for their beliefs. He's making sure that the evening would be dynamic and uplifting.

Gathering Together

He explained that while some people may not be familiar with the Lord, they come because they are drawn to Him. He believes that bringing thousands of people together for the Lord produces an atmosphere of healing, miracles, salvation, and new beginnings.

As the pandemic fades, Osteen urged believers to get together, emphasizing the value of community at a time when mental illness is at an all-time high, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Osteen aims to offer some of that hope to a country in desperate need of healing through this year's "Night of Hope." It would be a night of "Rebooting your computer and getting the viruses out," the pastor said.

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