A former Muslim shared how her life was transformed by Jesus Christ through a vision during a trip to Iran that she'll never forget.

A Muslim-turned-Christian named Nikta shared with The Christian Post how she turned away from being suicidal and left her former faith despite the persecution and abuse she encountered within her family.

She said she didn't feel loved by her parents. They were hardworking but they argued a lot. Her family eventually moved to the United States while she was you to pursue better education. However, she became somewhat "rebellious" despite growing up in a "strict" Muslim household.

She shared that under her older sister's influence, she first tried a cigarette at seven years old and drank alcohol in the eighth grade. During her high school years, she experienced a traumatic experience with one of her sister's friends, leading her to become an alcoholic as a teenager. Her curiosity led to different interests including new-age ideas and crystal collections.

In her college years, she began to feel suicidal and anxious. Her continued depression grew into greater social anxiety, hindering her to pursue her degree in California. Her mom advised her to travel back to Iran to reconnect with their relatives to feel better. Though she was against the idea, she pursued the trip with her sister.

Seeking Christ After Vision

Little did she know that the trip would open her heart and mind to follow Christ through a vision. While lying in her aunt's bedroom one night, Nikta claimed that she saw Jesus in a blue robe, describing the man with long dark hair.

"He was standing inside an old wooden church with stained glass windows," she said.

She hadn't heard Him saying "Follow Me," but Nikta claimed the Lord urging her to follow Him. She eventually searched for the image of Jesus Christ on Google, and to her surprise, it was the same man in her vision. That encounter made her realize that she was called by Christ to follow Him.

Without prior knowledge about Christianity, Nikta sought help from her Christian boyfriend. Her boyfriend took her to Church to know more about Christ. She was baptized in the Christian faith and she shared how she felt alive at that time.

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Hated Because of Christ

Following her conversion, Nikta experienced different persecution from her family. As soon as her family knew about her baptism, her family got agitated about her decision. The verbal and physical abuse she received pushed Nikta to run away from their household, fearing that her father might behead her as other converts experienced.

She moved in with her boyfriend and got married later. Following Christ's words to forgive her family, she eventually restored her relationship with them. Her family attended their wedding. Though her parents still can't accept her choices, she believed that her parents accepted their child.

Her parents sometimes attend church with them, and her father became less resistant to Christianity than before. She said that he became open to praying for him but not accepting Christ yet. For her, it's still a miracle that her family doesn't hinder her anymore and her dad's heart became more open.

Nikta's life testimony was expected to be published on I Found The Truth, a website providing a safe space for Christian converts to share their stories and ask their questions.

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