Following the resignation of Pastor John Lowe II from New Life Christian Church Indiana, the church has finally given its public statement against the issue surrounding the former pastor.

Lowe confessed last Sunday that he committed adultery 20 years ago. The pastor didn't defend himself and asked for forgiveness in front of his congregants. He said that he would step out from the pulpit and would be under discipline according to the church's bylaws.

Next to the pastor, a couple stepped in to reveal a sexual incident that happened between her and the pastor when she was only 16 years old at his office.

She claimed that the pastor had groomed her sexually for nine years. The incident had affected her for 27 years, and her brother up until this day was bothered after seeing his pastor in bed with her younger sister, wearing underwear and a shirt. The woman alleged to the pastor that it wasn't just adultery that he committed but sexual grooming-not just to her but to some women who were afraid to speak up.

The woman said that she tried telling someone about the issue but she found no support. "All that happened was a cover-up," she said. No one cane to her and no one offerred her counseling. Other girls who were also abused were "sent away."

Her husband also said, "This is the truth, and that's all we're going to say." He then presented to the congregation the necklace that was given to her by the pastor as a ministry gift. He also returned his wife's purity ring to the church.

The husband said they're working on love and repentance but people must be held accountable. After speaking, he dropped the mic with disgust in front of the dumbfounded congregation. Some people went to express their anger, saying the pastor must be put into jail.

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Church Confirmed Allegations, Says Walking Towards Healing

In a press release, the New Life Christian Church confirmed the allegations of the woman. They said that the pastor confessed it privately to some Church leaders.

Now that it was revealed, the church sent their regards as they were also hurting and broken for the "woman who lovingly attended and served in the church for many years, as well as for her husband and family." They are also committed to loving, supporting, encouraging, and helping the victim through a process of healing in any way they are able. They said that they would still be in devotion to ministering with all their members in this difficult season, as the congregation walks toward healing and the preservation of the church.

The church would also plan to extend its support to the Lowe Family as New Life wanted to walk on to what they preached and taught for 42 years. They said "New Life has taught and preached a Cross-driven message of repentance, forgiveness, and restoration," emphasizing what Pastors John and Debbie Lowe had modeled for them for many years.

They also announced that Lowe tendered his resignation with New Life Christian Church and World Outreach.

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