A new ethics complaint was filed against a Montana pastor and realtor who previously faced a similar filing in October 2021, accusing him of "hate speech" over his homophobic remarks. `

Clinton Community Church Pastor Brandon Huber, who also works as a part time realtor at Windermere Real Estate, is now facing ethics grievance brought forth by a fellow realtor who is part of the LGBT community. The ethics complaint accuses the pastor of creating an environment where the complainant does not feel welcome to do business. The filing prompted Huber to file his own legal complaint in Missoula County District Court on Wednesday.

Just last month, a Missoula County District Court judge dismissed Huber's lawsuit. Back in the Fall of 2021, the Montana pastor accused the Missoula Organization of Realtors (MOR) and National Association of Realtors of discriminating against him for his religious views after he was required to undergo an ethics hearing process following an initial ethics complaint over alleged homophobic actions in the Clinton church, the Missoulian reported.

The first ethics complaint slapped on the Montana pastor that caused Huber to file a lawsuit claimed that he violated MOR's hate speech policy when he declined to participate in a lunch program partnership with the Missoula Food Bank over their use of LGBTQ+ inserts. Huber argued that these LGBT inserts were "contrary to the church's teachings." A complaint was filed by a third party to MOR, which then ordered an administrative process of an ethics hearing involving Huber. The Montana pastor then filed a lawsuit against the real estate associations in November 2021.

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Huber Faces a New Ethics Grievance Complaint

Judge Jason Marks said that the Montana pastor must go through the MOR administrative process of an ethics hearing before the case could develop into a full lawsuit. The MOR has then set an ethics hearing date for July 19 to address the two ethics complaints filed against the Montana pastor.

The second ethics grievance against Huber was filed on April 28, just a day after the judge dismissed the pastor's case. It again alleged that Huber violated MOR's hate speech rules. The second complaint filed by a member of the LGBT community cites an occurrence in November 2021 when Huber participated in a rally at his Clinton church that targeted "the LGBT agenda." It also accused the pastor of promoting the said event on his Facebook page. In his Facebook post, he shared a flyer that read, "JD Hall will expose the LGBTQ agenda that controls our lives and kills our liberty." JD Hall is a controversial pastor with far-right views.

Complainant Claims the Pastor Used 'Harassing and Hateful Language'

Huber's sharing of the post on Facebook was deemed offensive by the complainant, who alleged, "This harassing and hateful language makes me feel both as an LGBTQ+ individual and as a realtor that I, or my clients, would not be welcome to do business with Brandon," the Fairfield Sun Times reported.

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