Hundreds of Intercessors from South Korea are set to embark on a prayer crusade on June 1-5, joining "America's Prayer Crusade" to pray for America's revival.

According to CBN News, the Korean Christians were urged to return their "spiritual debt" to America. In June 1973, American Evangelist Billy Graham went to South Korea to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, marking approximately 75,000 people who committed their lives to God.

Project Pray President P. Douglas Small said that intercessors would be around in 20 cities across America to pray at morning, noon, and night. He also encouraged households to open their doors for prayer, and for churches to hold prayer meetings during that time for America's revival and spiritual awakening.

Twenty teams of South Korean intercessors from the World School of Prayer were visiting on the 49th anniversary of Billy Graham's 1973 crusade in Seoul. They said that the Korean crusade changed the direction of their nation.

Aaron Park, Executive Director of the World School of Prayer, said that revival broke out in different churches in Korea and from then on, churches started to grow. He said, "Through the prayer revival and church growth, God brought us the blessing, economically and spiritually."

Bringing the grandchildren of the Korean crusade, Park said it's time for them to "humbly serve the American church with prayer." During that crusade, more than 3 million heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for five days which surpassed the historic 16-week New York Crusade in 1957. According to John Pollock's authorized biography of Billy Graham, the evangelist with his interpreter Dr. Billy Kim invited the people to stand if they were willing to forsake other gods. As he witnessed thousands of people standing to accept Jesus Christ as their God, he proclaimed thanskigiving to God for all He did.

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Continuous Pursuit of God's Calling

Project Pray held a special broadcast entitled "America's Prayer Meeting" last May 29 to announce the incoming event in the newly built Billy Graham Archive and Research Center in South Carolina. The center aimed to encourage people from around the globe to come and study the time-tested principles that the late evangelist and his team used in sharing the gospel.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) Executive Vice President Dr. David Bruce said that it's "fitting" for the brand-new center to be introduced to the world by promoting prayer. He said that Graham would be pleased with the first event and moments of the building. Graham's former assistant noted that the evangelist was a "man of prayer," always beginning and ending his days in prayer.

BGEA Senior Advisor Dr. Tom Phillips also said that the former crusader passionately pursued God for America's revival. According to Phillips, from 1949 to his death, Graham was saying "I'm praying for an old-fashioned, Holy Ghost, a heaven-sent revival that would sweep America from coast to coast."

Phillips also noted how the country needed a revival and it was the church's role to go around the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Aligned with their calling, he said they would start with prayer along with brothers and sisters from South Korea.

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