Christian music superstars brightened up the red carpet at the Nashville's Grand Ole Opry House during the K-LOVE Fan Awards, lifting Jesus Christ as their inspiration for their music and art.

Several artists like CeCe Winans, Lauren Daigle, Michael W. Smith, Danny Gokey, and Mac Powell talked to The Christian Post, sharing the importance of having a Christ-centered life amidst growing contemporary secular culture. They shared some life learnings with young Christian dreamers who would like to answer God's calling in their life.

Putting God First

Alongside Tauren Wells, Matthew West hosted the night's show. West, nominated for Male Artist of the Year, graced the red carpet with two of his daughters. His advice to future Christian artists is to live out the will of God in their lives and remain grounded to create an impact on society and culture. The 45-year-old Dove Award-winner added that he's hoping to become a good role model for the next generation of artists.

Putting God first in one's life was his biggest encouragement for the youths. Keeping themselves from comparison to others would magnify God's works in their life instead of desiring others' works and achievements.

Live God's Calling

Chart-topping artists Winans and Daigle who performed during the show also encouraged young believers to focus on their God-given identities. For the award-winning artists, they observed how God empowered the young generation with talents and gifts that fit them, and how removing hesitations and trusting God would take people to places they would not imagine.

Daigle also emphasized that God appoints unique people for every generation. She encouraged if God impressed His will, that person must be willing to follow God. "Ask Him to open doors and see the places that He'll take you," the Christian singer said.

Winans hopes for the Contemporary Christian Music to "keep growing and cover the world" for the people needs to hear the goodness of the Gospel.

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Stay Grounded

Grammy's multi-awarded artist Smith said to remain humble amidst success for he believes "humility is the key to truly honoring God." After being inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, Smith was nominated in the Book Impact category for his book "The Way of the Father."

He warned that being humbled by God is no joke. Smith urged believers to focus on exalting God and His works, then He will show people His favor and blessings.

Present Genuine Message of God

Former "Third Day" frontman Powell emphasized that it's important for the artist to present the message of the Gospel as true and biblically sound. He recalled being criticized for his past works, saying that it's "preachy."

"Well, I know I was in the choir and I needed to be preached to. So, artists can do both," he said. Artists must reach the people outside the church but they should also encourage their brothers and sisters within the church.

Male Artist of the Year nominee, Gokey also reminded the role of an artist - to speak the message of God. Desiring to be famous was not important, he said. God wants people's hearts and obedience. "We must be tuned in," the former church music director emphasized that listening further to God's message would let the artist be an effective vessel of God's truth.

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