The court in Wisconsin granted victory to a couple in a lawsuit against their daughter's school that encouraged her to identify as a transgender individual against their will.

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Michael P. Maxwell ruled in favor of two parents who accused their daughter's school of encouraging their daughter to transition. Judge Maxwell dismissed a motion filed by Kettle Moraine School District to dismiss the case brought forth by the Wisconsin couple, arguing that the lawsuit "demonstrates a potential violation of their rights as parents to direct the upbringing of their child" and thus is a valid reason to reject the motion.

The Christian Headlines reported that the Wisconsin couple filed a complaint against the Kettle Moraine School District in Wales, which they said had a policy that allows students "to socially transition to a different gender identity at school without parental consent, and even over the parents' objection."

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Kettle Moraine School District Defied Wisconsin Parents' Wishes Not to Transition Their Daughter

According to the report, the issues began when the Wisconsin couple's 12 year old daughter started to experience anxiety and depression and questioned her gender. The student informed school staff that she wanted to be identified by a male name and called with male pronouns. Her parents did not agree, citing that it would "not be in their daughter's best interest," the lawsuit said.

However, the school responded that because of its LGBT policy, they would not follow the Wisconsin couple's decision and instead refer to their daughter with the name and pronouns she wished to be called. Her parents "immediately" took her out of the school and shortly after, her demeanor had changed and she decided she wanted to continue using her birth name and female pronouns, the lawsuit added.

Parents Fight For Their Right to Raise Their Children Free of LGBT Influence

The case against the Kettle Moraine School District dates back to November 2021, when two sets of parents filed a case against them over their transgender policies. The second set of parents retained their children in the school district, but wanted to ensure that the school "will respect their role as parents," CBS News reported at the time.

Alliance Defending Freedom and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, which represented the Wisconsin couple in the lawsuit, underscored parents' rights to "direct the upbringing, education, and mental health treatment of their children," which ADF senior counsel Roger Brooks described as "one of the most basic constitutional rights every parent holds dear." He raised concerns about how school districts across America have been "ignoring parents' concerns" and "actively working against them" with their own LGBT agendas.

Brooks urged the Kettle Moraine School District to take the opportunity to "change its policy" that "violates the constitutionally protected rights of parents and isn't in the best interest of children." The judge has given the school district 20 days to respond and sets forth a process for another hearing to take place.

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