"The Porch" Ministry Leader JD Rogers shared five ways Christians can follow to battle "secret" sexual sins, as his response and encouragement to ministry's "most shameful sins."

In his sermon entitled "Battling Sexual Sin," Rogers said that sexual freedom was the biggest lie of the culture today. He explained how the culture manipulated the minds of people so that they can do whatever they want with their bodies, promising people false freedom.

In their last session, the audience was told to write on a card what makes them most ashamed and submit it to the ministry. As the ministry leaders went through the thousands of cards, Rodgers said they were heartbroken as many people expressed struggles with "lust, pornography addiction, homosexuality, and previous sexual perversion."

The ministry leader understood the struggles of the young adult Christians with "secret sexual sins" so he delivered a message of "hope and challenge," listing five ways how to battle sexual temptations.

Remember Your Identity And Calling In Christ

Referencing the fall of David from 2 Samuel 11, he told Christians who are struggling with sexual sins, they should remember who they are and their calling. Just like David who committed adultery with the wife of Uriah, he forgot that he was a "Man after God's Heart."

Rodgers noted that if he only remembered who he was as a "king, anointed and chosen by the God of the universe, called to lead and stand up and be a man and go to war," perhaps the whole situation may change. But that didn't happen for he forgot who he was and his calling, according to him.

Referring to 1 Peter 2:9, he reminded the people of their identities with the Lord - "chosen, royalty, a nation set apart and personally important to God." He told them when they were at home, they should remember their identities in Christ and the things they believed in themselves.

Recognizing Weakness, Stop Feeding The Urge

Those who battle with sexual sins should recognize their weakness and avoid it. Be mindful of the patterns that lead Christians to sexual temptations and sin, Rodgers said. He also warned them about "feeding the urge," destruction awaits people who continue feeding the sing. Rodgers noted, "That's what we see in David's life. He could have walked away, but he inquired about the woman."

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Seek Helpful Community, Respond Rightly

Then lastly, the ministry leader encouraged them to seek a community that would help them "respond rightly" to the temptations and sin. He emphasized that there's strength in the number, reminding them that they need the right people to accompany them in fighting the battle.

He aimed that they will recognize their story didn't end with their sexual history. Their tale did not end with sexual experiences. Rodgers emphasized that Christians were not defined by their sexual behavior in the past or present, encouraging them to overcome their sexual sin with Jesus' help.

As single young adults or married young adults, people will be continuously combating all forms of sin. Many people wondered if they can be free and triumphant over sexual sins. Rodgers told them they certainly can through Jesus Christ.

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