The video of a pro-choice activist who calls herself Mama B Energy (@mamabenergy) continues to circulate online more than a week after it was uploaded on TikTok as a reaction to the United States Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade last June 24.

Libs Of Tiktok uploaded the video of Mama B Energy, whose Tiktok account has 1.6 million likes and 44,600 followers, on Twitter the evening the Supreme Court decision was released. The news outfit noted that the "pro-abortion TikToker has full-blown psychotic meltdown over #RoeVsWade being overturned."

No Meltdown, Just Possessed

However, a psychiatrist who goes by the name of Rae (@fiatluxgenesis) found it otherwise. Rae tagged the TikToker as "possessed" and pointed that it was more of an example of "demons (in) rage." A description many Netizens affirmed after seeing the video, which one commenter raised as difficult to watch.

One Netizen by the name of Joe Sarte even called the TikToker a "spawn of Satan" while another--men's jeweler Kathleen Lessman--referred to her as a minion through which "demons (are) speaking." A third even asked if her name was "Legion," pertaining to the biblical account of an exorcism Jesus did on a man. The particular exorcism is found in Mark 5:1-20 where the demon revealed his name as Legion, which meant there were many of them in the demoniac or possessed man.

While several Netizens were quick to comment with witty remarks, only quite a few raised the TitToker's dire need for prayers being a "blessed child of God" and in severe need of psychiatric help. Comments made by two Netizens were most notable for being sensitive in identifying the possibility that the Tiktoker's anger comes from a masked trauma.

"Could be that type of anger comes from a core belief of hurt. Masking pain, had an abortion and attempting to justify it, or helped someone get an abortion, or other type trauma/fear," 7Andes raised.

The video, which has 897,100 views on Twitter alone, was heavy with profanity. MaMa B Energy's every sentence contained cussing, as well as, cursing. William Frey, who describes himself as an Augustinian Monarchist, noted the "blasphemy" in what she said while another highlighted that she did not even pause for breath as she spontaneously screamed with rage throughout the almost three-minute video.

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A Pro-Choice Activist Hurt By An Alleged Lie

Mama B Energy particularly cussed at Supreme Court Associate Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, who she claimed have lied on oath. She also condemned the justices deciding on the basis of their Christian faith, whose teachings she alluded to were wrong.

"Just angry! This is atrocious! This is a war on women! How f****** dare the Supreme Court do this s***! F*** you, Kavanaugh! F*** you, Gorsuch! You were lying under oath when you were confirmed, saying that you believed this was settled! Women will die but as long as it fits your Christian God-d***** narrative, it must be correct!" Mama B Energy declared.

The TikToker was echoing the Democratic Party's allegations that the Supreme Court Justices have lied under oath when they voted 5-9 in overturning Roe last Friday, which Forbes explained pertained to the Senate hearings. The media outlet clarified that such allegations from the Left were wrong because the justices never said those things. What the justices said, however, was different.

Forbes pointed out that Associate Justice Samuel Alito, who wrote the majority opinion on the Roe reversal, declined in a 2006 Senate hearing that Roe was settled and even refused that it be classified as a case that "can't be re-examined." Alito said at that time that the "settled law" was an "important precedent."

Gorsuch, on the other hand, similarly said that Roe was a court precedent that is worthy to be used in moving forward in deciding on cases. The media outlet stressed that the justice never said he would not overturn Roe. Kavanaugh, in 2018, also called Roe a precedent that he could not "pick and choose" against but "follow" in his decisions for cases.

Associate Justice Amy Coney Barret even called Roe a "super precedent" in 2020 and rebuked claims that "Roe should not be overruled." Finally, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, who is receiving heavy backlash for being "unapologetically Catholic" in his decision, declined in 1991 in his stand on Roe since he found no reason or agenda to give an early judgment on it in line with an abortion.

Previously, 19 Forty Five reported on the Mama B Energy's video and highlighted that abortion would not end in the country despite Roe's reversal. She pointed out that abortion, which she called a privilege of White women, will still continue but will cause other women to die. She cited victims of rape, poor women, and women having ectopic pregnancies as casualties of the the reversal. However, the media outlet similarly debunked these myths often claimed by pro-abortion activists since no law is affected by the Supreme Court decision.

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