Academy Award actor Jon Voight released a video on Tuesday calling for unity to reclaim America's greatness by impeaching President Joe Biden.

Sky News Australia reported last week that Angelina Jolie's father, Jon Voight, raised concerns about the state of the nation, which he said is troubled not only by inflation but also by hatred and moral decline. The media outlet said Voight began the video by citing the rising crime and urged everyone to act for the country's safety.

A Darkness Brought By Biden

Calling his 619,600 followers as friends, Voight highlighted the turmoil the United States is facing and how it has saddened so many. The actor wondered if the "darkness" would still be lifted so that each one can "share joy once again and see eye to eye" even after life has been destroyed by criminals.

The 83-year-old "Midnight Cowboy" star stressed that everyone must stop the darkness and bring back the country's safety. He particularly called on law enforcement to "act with righteousness" by fulfilling their role in guarding the handicapped, elderly, children, veterans, businesses, and neighborhoods.

"We must protect this nation and bring back safety. We're all feeling very unsafe. We're all angry and let's remember why. It starts with the seat of the President of the United States. He has wronged this nation's glory. He has taken down our morals, our true gift of the land of the free. He must be impeached. We cannot wait another second having him dictate our path," Voight said.

"Let us work together, get him out, and make this country what she stands for, greatness," he added.

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Voight went on to highlight what America once was-a land of opportunities that the Founding Fathers fought for. He emphasized that Americans should not allow Biden to use his lies in tearing down what the Founding Fathers have sacrificed to build with their tears, sweat, and blood. He pleaded with everyone to see the truth and to make a difference for the sake of the country's children and their future.

In conclusion, Voight expressed hopes and even prophesied that the United States, being "a nation of God's truths," will soon be built once again. He said this will enable and regain her glorious independence as before.

The Clamor For Biden's Impeachment

According to The Western Journal, Voight has been public with his political views that he often shared through short videos on Twitter. The media outlet cited a September 2019 tweet of the actor on former President Donald Trump as an example. The actor in the said tweet defended Trump who was being called for impeachment. He also spoke about social issues like the recent Uvalde Texas massacre.

Fox News, on the other hand, reported that Voight did not specify why Ben should be impeached nor did he detail his grievances against him. The media outlet noted that social media users and celebrities criticized the elderly actor by pointing to his strained relationship with Jolie. Others rebutted his statements on Trump by highlighting the latter's alleged ties to the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot.

Only a few commended Voight's message, such as Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Congresswoman declared Voight is correct in "saying how most people feel" and declared full agreement with him. She went on to highlight that she has previously introduced four impeachment articles for Biden.

Christianity Daily has extensively reported in the past how the Biden Administration has repealed several measures Trump enforced to safeguard life and religious liberty, which many religious leaders favored. Other actors such as Chuck Norris also raised previously how Biden is pushing America in the wrong direction.

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