The free lunches for kids would continue to be served.

According to a report by Daily Caller, attorneys for Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), who represented Grant Christian Park Academy in Tampa, revealed that they have successfully challenged the Biden Administration's expanded Title IX guidelines.

Background of the Case

Under the said directive, President Joe Biden, through Florida's Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, would take away the federal government's school assistance for free lunches.

With it, thousands of schoolchildren whose families are financially challenged would have difficulty ensuring that the kids would not go hungry while at school.

The private Christian school in Tampa, Florida, reportedly sought the ADF's help in arguing its case before the state's court.

ADF lawyers filed the lawsuit on July 27, which asked the federal court to stop the Biden administration's Title IX expansion mandate.

The mandate, ADF argued, purports to "advance radical gender ideology" at the expense of removing federal funding for school lunches.

The Daily caller report said state officials broke the positive news to Grant Christian Park Academy officials on Friday.

With it, the school's students would continue enjoying free lunches once classes open on Aug. 10.

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What the Ruling Contained

The same report revealed that the US Department of Agriculture acknowledged the school's religious exemption qualification that has been guaranteed by the Education Amendments of 1972's Title IX.

With the USDA ruling, there would not be a hearing initially set for Aug. 11, the article bared.

Erica Steinmiller-Perdomo, legal counsel for ADF, said that they welcome the decision in a press release.

She, however, lamented that it should not have required the federal authorities to face a lawsuit before acting on the matter.

The ADF lawyer also expressed high hopes that the federal government would finally grant the school's religious exemption application and make good on its promised funding.

"Provided the government follows through and approves Grant Park Christian Academy's application and confirms its exemption, this private school can continue feeding dozens of children healthy meals every day," Daily Caller quoted her saying.

In closing, Steinmiller-Perdomo expressed their readiness to help other schools in the same situation as Grant Park Christian Academy.

She said in her press release that their organization would be ready to represent private and public schools in America that continue to suffer from the government mandate, which she called "unlawful" and tramples upon the schools' religious freedom.

About ADF

The ADF website said that the organization is a "non-profit legal organization" that commits itself to 'defending the freedom of speech, the sanctity of life, religious freedom, and parents' right.'

The ADF said that they have been working with various organizations to ensure the success of the cases they handle.

The organization has offices in Washington, DC, Georgia, Arizona, and Virginia.

Outside of the US, the ADF has offices in Mexico, France, England, Brussels, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium.

According to their website, the ADF is likewise a registered 501(C)(3) Charity.

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