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After a pilgrimage was made, Father John Hollowell was miraculously cured of a brain tumor, stressing that God healed him by his kind grace and great heart.

Father John Hollowell recently made a video sharing the news of his miraculous healing from a brain tumor. The priest visited the famous pilgrimage site of Lourdes and reported being cured of his ailment. The Catholic Church has recognized many healing events as miraculous at the site, and thousands more have claimed to have experienced unexplained cures of their own at Lourdes. The shrine's website attests to the numerous reports of miraculous healings from those who have visited.

Priest Miraculously Cure with Illness after Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Being healed miraculously is widely believed that it is the work of Jesus. Although these are hard to believe because these are supernatural events, there has been evidence making these happenings valid.

According to Fox News, Reverend John Hollowell was diagnosed with a brain tumor last February 2020 and underwent medical procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiology. But despite having these procedures, his health was stuck on a downward train.

Before his pilgrimage to Lourdes, Father John Hollowell received concerning news from an MRI. The results showed that his brain tumor was starting to grow again, and a new tumor had been discovered on his pituitary gland. Despite these negative findings, Hollowell made the journey to Lourdes and was later able to share the good news of his miraculous healing.

In a sermon delivered to his parish, he likened his experience to Naaman the Syrian, who was cleansed of leprosy in the Jordan. Hollowell explained that just as Naaman was healed, he too was cured after washing in the river at Lourdes. He shared his testimony in an Oct. 28, 2022, sermon that was later published on his blog.

Hollowell's journey to Lourdes was driven by his strong faith and a deep sense of purpose. While he did not expect physical healing, he hoped his pilgrimage would bring spiritual comfort and healing to others. According to Daily Mail, his trip was not just about himself but also about making a difference in the lives of others, particularly his family and friends who had fallen away from the Catholic faith. The outcome of his trip was genuinely miraculous - he returned home healed and grateful to God. He shared his story in a January video, sharing the transformative impact of his journey to Lourdes.

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Prayer is A Strong Offense and Defense of A Person

Moments like this help promotes faith, a crisis Christianity faces. Prayers help people continue their lives with an optimistic and confident approach. In a similar story in Christianity Daily, NFL's Damar Hamlin's sudden collapse on the field during a game in Cincinnati has become a testament to the power of prayer. Rachel Campos-Duffy, a Fox News host, argues that Hamlin's recovery from a near-death experience has brought Americans together and inspired them to pray, despite efforts to remove prayer from American culture.

Hamlin, a devout Christian, has been acknowledged by many as a clear example of God answering prayer, and his miraculous recovery has sparked a renewed interest in religion among players in the NFL. Hamlin's teammate, Josh Allen, experienced a "spiritual awakening" upon hearing of his recovery. The NFL teams have honored Hamlin by bowing to pray together, and ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky even paused on the air to pray aloud for him.

The Apostle Paul's words in Thessalonians to "pray without ceasing" and give thanks in all circumstances serves as a reminder of the significance of prayer in times of need.

Prayer is indeed a powerful weapon when we are faced with difficult situations, most especially things relating to our health. Prayer must not only be imposed when people are struggling but also when we are thankful for the blessings and graces we receive every day.

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