The 'Exponential 2023' was held recently in Orlando, Florida, and sponsored by Liberty HealthShare. This gathering centered on revitalizing evangelism and providing the church with the resources it needs to fulfill the goal of Jesus,

Exponential 2023

On Monday, Mar. 13, the world's largest church multiplication gathering, 'Exponential 2023,' was celebrated in Orlando, Florida. According to Cision US Inc., the primary goals of Exponential 2023 is to revitalize the practice of evangelism and provide churches with the resources necessary to carry out the mission that Jesus set forth for them, to reach those who are lost; and to create a secure environment in which people can belong before believing. More than 5,000 church leaders, pastors, and planters actively founding and growing churches came together at this event. These attendees came from a variety of religious groups. During the three-day event, there were over 800 different speakers, 150 different workshops, and various worship sessions that were featured.

As mentioned, Liberty HealthShare's director of community engagement, Pastor Wes Humble, said they are blessed to go to Exponential and spend time in fellowship with church leaders from around the country who were fired up to share the Good News and be evangelists for Jesus. "We had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of like-minded people about the biblical values of our ministry and how Liberty HealthShare might play a role in their good work," he added. 

Based on an article from the MENAFN, Liberty HealthShare is a Christian medical cost-sharing organization that operates as a charitable nonprofit. Its primary focus is on members assisting one another in times of need. The faith-based program is a loving community of health-conscious individuals and families who have chosen to help one another and subscribe to the Christian values of stewardship to make healthcare more accessible for everybody. The program supports health sharing for almost 90,000 members.

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Importance of Church Gatherings on People

An article from Abundant Life stated that people are doing God's will whenever the church community members get together. The failure of believers to come together as a family poses a threat to their spiritual health. According to what is written in Ephesians 4, people are not to let any impure speech come out of their mouths, but rather only that which is beneficial for encouragement. When individuals unite as a community, they can build one another up and take advantage of opportunities to become more Christ-like.

Several biblical verses speak about the advantages of attending services together as a church. These advantages both strengthen people's faith and bring glory to God. The atmosphere created when people become involved and serve one another paves the door for God to work in significant ways.

Moreover, without the assistance of others, Jesus could have finished all of the work assigned to him when He was sent. Nonetheless, He selected 12 individuals and invested them with the power and authority necessary to carry out the will of the Father. Christ drew them to Himself and then used them to spread the gospel's message. In the community context, He instructed, trained, preached, and prayed for these men.

On the other hand, the Body of Christ is best guarded and provided for when the local church community supports it. It not only helps an individual grow but also empowers and equips them. When they are apart, they leave themselves vulnerable to the onslaught of feelings such as loneliness, uncertainty, and lack of faith.

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