The ongoing conflict on banning transgender care for youth intensifies as last-minute passing of the anti-trans bill sparks controversy as it heads to Governor's office for the signature of approval.

Recently, a Kentucky House committee approved an anti-trans bill by adding it to another controversial "parental rights" bill, and then the bill was passed by the Senate in a 30-7 vote.

Anti-Trans Bill for the Youth Passed and Now Waiting for Approval in the Governor's Desk

According to WLKY, the ACLU of Kentucky responded to the passage of the bill by stating that legislators cannot erase the existence of transgender individuals and that they will continue to fight for equal rights and protection under the law. The ACLU also criticized the process in the Kentucky House, calling it a "shameful process" that undermines the public's trust in government. Although Governor Beshear has indicated that he would veto any anti-LGBTQ+ bills, legislators can override his veto when reconvening.

The Kentucky Senate recently passed Senate Bill 150, sponsored by Sen. Max Wise, in a 16-5 vote on the last day before the veto period. After two hours of debate, the bill quickly passed 75-22 in the full House.

The bill mandates that school districts form bathroom policies based on biological sex limits discussing LGBTQ issues in K-12 sexual education classes. It excludes the Kentucky Department of Education's suggestion that teachers use the children's preferred pronouns when addressing them. A portion of Bill 470, which forbids providing gender-affirming care to anybody under 18, is also incorporated into the legislation.

Governor Andy Beshear spoke about House Bill 470, which deals with transgender children, during his regular Team Kentucky update on Thursday. He stated that the families of transgender children should make decisions for their kids rather than the government. Additionally, he argued that bills like this could harm children, leading to increased suicide rates, and this legislation should not be pursued at this time out of respect for Karen Berg and her loss.

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Supporters Approve, but Opposers Saddened

In the article in Spectrum News, Sen. Lindsey Tichenor, a supporter of the bill, expressed the view that it could not be strong enough, emphasizing that children's brains are not fully developed and may not be aware of the permanent consequences of such treatments.

On the other hand, Democratic Sen. Karen Berg, who opposes the bill, called it an intentional and willful act of hate against a small and vulnerable group of people. Senator Berg, who has a transgender son, Henry Berg Brousseau, who died by suicide in December, spoke passionately about the importance of protecting the rights and well-being of the transgender community.

The bill sponsors and most Republicans left the room while opponents and a few supportive lawmakers remained, hugging and crying. According to Courier-Journal, Chris Hartman, who leads the Fairness Campaign, expressed dismay at the rushed process from a seat in the increasingly empty room.

Republican lawmaker Timoney, a former educator attacked with an ad campaign for his opposition to anti-trans legislation, remained near the front of the room. Timoney voted against SB 150 in committee and spoke passionately about the importance of showing love to everyone, saying that when he faces God on his judgment day, he will say that he loved everyone.

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