Bibles For China Testing New Audio Bibles To Bring Christ To People


Bibles For China, an Oklahoma-based non-profit organization that provides free Bibles in remote areas of mainland China, has rolled out audio Bible players in China's five provinces despite a new Chinese Communist Party-implemented law banning any religious material from the internet.

Premier Christianity highlighted that the new draconian law prohibits the online sharing of religious materials and even the mention of religion online. The new law further restricts Christians in China from practicing their faith considering they have heavily relied on the internet to continue their fellowship during this pandemic.

The media outlet stressed that only state-established churches or churches owned by the government in China can distribute religious material after a license--Internet Religious Information Service Licence--is acquired from the government.

Bibles For China's New Technology

However, Mission Network News reported that Bibles For China is not affected by the said draconian law. Bibles For China can conduct its audio player testing after acquiring approval from Chinese officials.

As per Bibles For China's President Kurt Rovenstine, the Bible player they rolled out is designed for Christians who have reading difficulties due to poor eyesight or are unable to read.

"They are little players that four or five people can gather around and listen to. We are excited about that and hopeful it will be a way to spread the influence and power of the Word of God," Rovenstine said.

Rovenstine revealed that there are risks in their beta testing for some people may overhear the devices and cause problems. He said Christians can hear it only according to limitations allowed and trust believers will comply. He pointed out that "there are individuals within China that are ready and willing to push that envelope, to see what is and isn't prudent and acceptable."

In addition, Rovenstine disclosed that the government is aware of these possibilities and stressed that their organization should not "be the ones to push that envelope."

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Bibles For China & Amity Press

Bibles For China has a long working relationship with Amity Press, which is also known as Amity Printing Company. Amity Press, which is located in Jiangsu, is regarded as the world's largest Bible printing press having produced 200 million Bibles in China as of November 2019.

Though said to be independent of the China Christian Council (CCC) and the Chinese Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), Amity Press annually secures 4 million Bibles through the said CCP arms. This is based on a March 14, 2022 website post of Bibles For China Founder and former President Wendell Rovenstine, the father of Kurt Rovenstine.

The CCC&TSPM are the same organizations that oversee legal churches in China and their adaptation of the CCP Sinicization program. Exactly one year ago in May, the Hubei Provincial CCC&TSPM held ceremonies for the opening of the new research center located at the Zhongnan Theological Seminary. One of the center's main goals is the editing of the Bible to include CCP teachings, and the reinvention of Christianity in China according to Chinese Communist Party ideology.

Last February, the CCP created its version of the Bible where Jesus is depicted as a sinner. The said version also shows Jesus condemning the woman caught in adultery in John 8:1-11. The CCP also launched a crackdown on Bible apps in China, which is aided by Big Tech giant Apple. The Big Tech giant has been forced by the CCP to continue Christian persecution by removing Bibles, as well as the Muslim Quran, from its Apps Store in China.

The crackdown is coupled with attacks on online Christian bookstores, whose owners are met with imprisonment for the illegal selling of Bibles. This is besides burning Bibles in the past and replacing Bibles in bookstores of churches with that of Chinese President Xi Jinping's books.

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