Black Churches to Provide Additional Educational Resources to East Side Students Thru “Knowledge Is Power” Project

Black Churches To Provide Additional Educational Resources to Eastside Students With Help of “Knowledge Is Power” Project
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A $2.3 million federal award was announced on Wednesday, giving San Antonio's East Side students access to after-school tutoring and other educational opportunities. 

The nonprofit Beasley-Brown Community Development Corporation's "Knowledge is Power" project will receive the federal fund and disperse the funds to 10 historically Black churches. These churches will then collaborate with local school districts to help low-income students gain access to supplemental educational materials.

Granting Financial Assistance to Black Churches

As reported by the East Side Media Program for Students

Because today's high school students have spent their entire lives using social media, Alamo City Studios is of the viewpoint that they should be taught how to effectively utilize it as they continue their education. 

According to Samantha Najera, spokesperson for Alamo City Studios, the purpose of the new Eastside Youth Content Creators Program (EYCCP) is to teach young people in the area about filmmaking, content production, and how to turn their influence into a sustainable company. 

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