Child Leads Prayer Rally For Disney To 'Stop Making Bad Movies'

Leaked Video Shows Woke Disney Filmmakers Admits 'Not-At-All Secret Gay Agenda' That Adds 'Queerness' To Children's Programming

An eleven-year-old girl led a touching prayer asking God to transform the hearts of leaders from entertainment giant Walt Disney Company during a massive rally held last week in front of the studio's Burbank, California theme park.

During the "Hold The Line For Our Kids" rally held last April 6, Let Us Worship Founder Sean Feucht asked his daughter, Keturah, to lead the prayers before they began another round of worship songs. The "Hold The Line For Our Kids" rally was part of an online petition called "Parents Fight Back," which Feucht spearheaded against Disney's open and full support of the LGBTQ ideology opposed by Florida's Parental Rights in Education law.

Keturah, who previously led prayers during a Let Us Worship gathering in front of The White House, pleaded to God to put an end to the bad movies the Walt Disney Company is creating. She also expressed hopes that children like her would experience a better future through a more Godly entertainment industry.

"I pray that the creators of Disney will open their eyes and see the truth. And I pray that they will experience the love of Jesus--they will not do any more bad movies. And I pray that my generation will see--be Christ--not in TV, not in any bad stories," Keturah said.

"And I pray that they'll know to let kids be kids because I don't want my generation to grow up in bad TV shows or to see bad things that we shouldn't see. I want them to be on the Bible and on the truth. In Jesus' Name I declare this! Amen," she concluded.

The young Feucht's prayers echoed her sentiments when she prayed over The White House and President Joe Biden in September. She stressed that God will open a light switch, which will bring light over the darkness surrounding The White House.

Before Keturah's prayer, Feucht explained his reason for initiating the Hold The Line For Our Kids rally and the Parents Fight Back online petition. Feucht revealed that Keturah was the reason he is there at the rally. He recounted the day he became a father. Feucht said when he held Keturah in his arms for the first time, he knew that his life was more about her daughter's destiny than his own.

"I don't care, man. New York Times shredded me today. All those guys, they can shred me, I don't give a rip. I'm living for the next generation. They can say what they want to say...but they'll never gonna get me to stop fighting for my kids! Nothing is gonna get me to stop fighting for my kids!" Feucht said.

Feucht went on to highlight that the present generation has been "one of the most assaulted in human history." He raised that children nowadays deal with "crazy amounts" of propaganda and indoctrination in the schools and on TV, which is nothing to what he and former generations faced in the 80s and 90s. He revealed that the devil is after this generation because they are the ones who will bring revival to the world and step on the enemy.

According to Feucht, those who attended the rally acted on the invitation to stand for their children and fight against what Disney is doing to their children. He then reiterated the take-aways from the rally on how parents can fight back.

First, parents should pray for Disney to have a change of heart. Second, parents should remember their God-given role as parents, which entails instructing their children in the ways of the Lord. This is coupled with teaching their children the Bible, which intends to make the Bible great again in each home. Fourth, parents should refuse to accept the idea that corporations have the right to force woke politics on their children. Fifth, parents should stand firm as American citizens and speak the truth boldly. Finally, parents must sign the petition and let their voices be heard.

The Walt Disney Company has publicly announced full support of the LGBTQ+ community at the height of the controversy on Florida's Parental Rights in Education law, which bans schools from teaching sexual orientation and gender identity among students from Kindergarten to Grade Three. The law was falsely labeled by the media and LGBTQ+ advocates as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, even though the law does not mention anything about it in its content.

The company has intensified its efforts to include LGBTQ+ members in the cast of its movies, hired new pro-LGBTQ staff, and even joined a nationwide advertisement campaign against the Parental Rights in Education law as part of its support of the said community.