Children Allegedly Sexually Abused At Texas Border Facility, Leaked Audio Shows

Border patrol

Leaked audio reveals children were sexually abused at the Texas border facility located in the garrison of the U.S. Military's Fort Bliss, a report says.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the sexual abuse is allegedly perpetuated by the staff of the Fort Bliss, Texas border facility on the unaccompanied migrant children during a training session. This information comes from a New York Post report, which the latter shared via a tweet, and a tweet by Save America Project Founder Julian Conradson leading to an NBC report containing the uploaded audio file.

The audio reveals what horrifying experience the children undergo after they are placed in the said facility. The Fort Bliss facility was overcrowded last spring when it contained 5,000 minors but this went down to 3,000 by May through the efforts of the United States Health and Human Services. The audio file was recorded in May when the training session took place and the allegations on the sexual abuse of the children was first reported in Reason back then. The recording proving the said allegations, however, were not released at the time.

The training session included instructions for the facility's staff to "intervene" should any inappropriate behavior between the children and other staff members be witnessed. The said instructions were heard in the said audio recording along with the admission of a unanimous presenter of the training on the "child abuse" happening in the facility. However, the presenter did not mention in the audio file that the matter was reported to authorities.

"We have already caught staff with minors inappropriately. Is that OK with you guys?" The unanimous presenter said.

"If you catch them, especially if it's a staff member, you separate that minor from that person immediately. I know there have been a lot of complaints from minors about staff members waking them up in the morning," the presenter added. "We've got some staff members that are picking up and shaking the bed to wake up the minor. Or they're bouncing them on the bed. They think they're being playful, but that constitutes child abuse. I want you guys to know that."

The audio was exposed after whistleblowers on the US Department of Health and Human Services revealed that the real COVID-19 situation in the border especially when it comes to the child migrants were concealed by federal officials.

The Gateway Pundit highlighted that President Joe Biden's Administration has resulted to more children being in the said facilities than during former President Donald Trump's time whom the Democrats blamed for putting children in cages.

The New York Post, in addition, said the presenter also instructed the staff that should they witness a staff member abusing a child, the said staff should be separated by whoever witnessed it. The presenter stressed that no one else would be able to prevent the abuse from recurring except the staff themselves. Despite this, the presenter did not give instructions to report the matter to authorities.

"We got teenagers in our shelter. What is happening with these kids when they are teenagers? They're raging out of control. If you catch them, especially if it's a staff member, you separate that minor from that person immediately. If you're not the one who's going to step in, who's going to?" the presenter pointed out.

In its report last May, Reason revealed they were able to acquire the secret recordings, photos, and documents that divulge the children's lack of basic necessities such as access to medical care and underwear. Reason also interviewed federal staff in the facility who revealed that the conditions in it are "appalling."

"If you took a poll, probably about 98 percent of the federal workers here would say it's appalling. Everybody tries in their own way to quietly disobey and get things done, but it can be difficult," the unnamed federal staff told Reason.

The outlet said Fort Bliss houses mostly teenage boys "who are waiting to be reunited with relatives or other connections in the United States." The facility is beset back in May with problems of overcrowding while being understaffed that has left the children uncared for accordingly.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanded in April for one of the federal facilities to be shut down on reports of child abuse. Abbott asked that the San Antonio Migrant Facility inside the Freeman Coliseum that is run by the national government be investigated on due to reports he received on child neglect and abuse born by Biden's open border policy.