Christian Doctor Prohibited From Issuing Prescription That Could Save Lives

Dr. Dermot Kearney
Dr. Dermot Kearney |

A Christian doctor from the United Kingdom was reported to have been prohibited from issuing prescription that could save unborn children's lives.

WND disclosed that former Catholic Medical Association President Dr. Dermot Keaney was prevented by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service to provide life-saving treatment, particularly treatment to pregnant women, for a year and a half while an investigation is being done on him.

Kearney, a cardiologist, renowned speaker, and respected member of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, have been very vocal about his pro-life Christian beliefs that has led him to be in constant conflict with the United Kingdom's professional body of physicians.

As per WND, Kearney is being punished for providing prescriptions to women undergoing an abortion-pill process. Kearney is said to be thinking of a way on how to legally challenge the matter through the aid of his counsel, the Christian Legal Centre.

"There is something very wrong going on when a medical doctor is prohibited from saving babies' lives at a time when we are told we must do everything to save lives in response to coronavirus. These women were urgently seeking help after abortion providers closed the door and said there was no hope and no way back after taking the first pill," Christian Legal Centre Chief Executive Andrea Williams told WND.

"Here you have a doctor being prohibited from saving lives and providing women with first class professional support in a crisis," Williams stressed.

The Christian Concern, an organization aimed at changing U.K. society through evangelization on Christianity and providing legal assistance through their Christian Legal Centre, featured Kearney's case in their website. It said that women helped by Kearney face their pregnancy crisis during the pandemic have surfaced in support of him.

"Women who have faced crisis pregnancies during the pandemic have spoken out in support of a doctor prevented by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service from providing women with emergency life-saving abortion reversal treatment," Christian Concern said.

The organization also explained that abortion pill reversal is not common in the United Kingdom where women are often told their pregnancy won't be saved any more if they have taken Mifepristone, which is the first of two abortion pills, unlike in the United States.

"The emergency abortion rescue service is provided to women who regret taking the first of two abortion pills, Mifepristone, which usually kills the baby, and want to try to save their pregnancies," the organization stated. "Using the natural hormone progesterone inhibits the effects of Mifepristone, and the latest evidence suggests that the success rate in abortion pill reversal can be as high as 68% if treatment is started within 72 hours."

In addition, Christian Concern pointed out that the U.K. government introduced a do-it-yourself home abortion telemedicine service that has lead to a spike in women regretting to have taken Mifepristone and who seek urgent help for their vulnerability and lack of access to proper medical care.

Kearney provides this proper medical care to women who have taken Mifepristone. Kearney prescribes progesterone, which saves the lives of the unborn child and of the mother from a lifetime of regret.

As an example, Christian Concern provided a case where Kearney helped a woman by the name of Laura who, upon regretting taking Mifepristone and realizing its terminal effect on her unborn child, immediately sought medical assistance but could not find it in the U.K.. She ended up finding an organization in the U.S. that referred her to Kearney who promptly attended to her and assisted her throughout the process.

"I could not be happier. I do not believe Dr. Dermot Kearney should be punished for providing me with a service I so desperately needed and will be eternally grateful for," Laura told Christian Concern. "It is because of his help that I can look back on the moment I took that pill without having to live with pain and regret for the decision I took, as I now have my beautiful baby boy."