Christian Rapper Lecrae Makes Way For New Artist Hulvey, Releases Collaboration


Reach Records founder and Christian rapper Lecrae released a new song in collaboration with new Christian rapper Hulvey, expanding the rising artist's reach.

Hulvey, the 22-year-old rapper, singer, and producer from Brunswick, Georgia, dropped out of college in his sophomore year to pursue music. He went on from being a college dropout to scrubbing toilets at Publix to being Reach Record's newest breaking artist, Christian Post wrote.

"I was wiping toilets for a minute," Hulvey recalled, which kept him afloat while working on his music.

His mentor Lecrae, announced last year that he is planning to retire from music after his album "Restoration" to make room for other younger artists coming up in the ranks.

"Restoration, I mean, honestly, everybody says it's the best album ever made, but this is for real. And this might be it for me," Lecrae said on a guesting at Rapzilla. "I mean I'll probably do some mixtapes, but I don't know if I'm making another full-featured album."

Hulvey said that he is forever grateful for the opportunity that the Grammy Award-winning artist has given him.

"Lecrae has truly been a blessing and has paved a way for me to thrive in my career as well as my ministry," Hulvey told The Christian Post, pertaining to Lecrae's impact in his life. "He has been so willing to share wisdom and mentor me through hard situations. I'm more than grateful that he is in my corner. I know he's only a call away."

"The fact that Lecrae and Reach Records chose to sign a young dude out of Brunswick, Georgia, means so much to me. God has me on a mission to point believers and non-believers back to Him and they are backing me 100% of the way," the young rapper added.

Lecrae claimed that the young rapper has a natural "passion to lead," and he wants Hulvey's message of faith to reach people during these difficult times.

"I think what makes him special is his humility," Lecrae said. "He's very talented, but he's an avid learner. He calls and asks for advice often. He has consistently come to Bible studies led by us veteran artists and he is always growing. He's not focused on himself and his career but on how he can help others. He doesn't want the shine; he wants to share it. It's refreshing."

The pair collaborated on Hulvey's new single, "Reasons," which also features vocals from one of pop music's fastest rising stars, SVRCINA.

"Reasons," now available for streaming via various platforms, is a long-awaited collaboration between the two Christian rappers. This song extends hope to other people who are hurting, professing God's love despite difficult situations in life.

Hulvey wrote about the mourning of his Grandfather's death as he wondered if his grandfather went to heaven after his death while Lecrae spits a vulnerable verse about a close friend who was shot and the effects of the ongoing pandemic.

Hulvey shared in a press release that he wrote this song to "remind people that even though we have lost so many things: friends, families, jobs, homes, even our minds, peace and hope is still here. God is still completely willing to wrap you up anytime. He has paved a way for us to be free."

"This song is a healthy reminder that hope is available," Lecrae also professed to Christian Post.

Hulvey was named "Christian Artist to Watch in 2020" by Pandora. After the release of his EP "BRKNHRT," which gained national praise.

Hulvey said that he wants his fans and followers to know that God is "still completely and willing to wrap you up anytime. He has paved a way for us to be free."

Watch Hulvey's "Reasons" below.