Christian Singer Katy Nichole Releases New Album Following Battle Against Scoliosis


Billboard-topping Christian singer-songwriter Katy Nicole would be releasing a self-titled album EP after recovering from her battle with scoliosis for three years.

Nichole told The Christian Post (CP) in an interview that her debut album contains songs based on her testimonies aimed to inspire others to believe in the power of God to heal sickness.

The Christian Beat (TCB) reported that after her video broke out on the internet, the 21-year-old artist said she didn't anticipate getting wide reactions from her viewers on her platform. According to CP, before writing her first single, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Those years had been painful to her as she also suffered from depression while confined to bed due to her illness.

According to the article, three years after her initial operation, Nichole received a follow-up procedure to have the metal rods and screws that were used to keep her spine straight removed. She said it was the moment when she encountered the Lord.

"When I got my X-rays after surgery, my spine was actually straighter than when the rods had been in it. So, when I say that God can do miracles, I mean it, because I've seen it," she said.

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Making Jesus' Name Viral

After experiencing healing from God, Nichole was compelled to share God's goodness with others through her song. She hoped that it would encourage others and share their stories too. She wrote the lyrics to the now-viral song in her prayer book in the middle of a worldwide health crisis and response to her own experience of suffering, hope, and healing, TCB reported.

 @katynichole_We need peace. We need love.

  In Jesus Name (God Of Possible) - Katy Nichole 

In her interview, she shared that she's been receiving different stories from her listeners. The Christian artist mentioned that many people have been sharing that they're experiencing Jesus for the first time. Nichole believed in the power of the name of Jesus that why it's her purpose to let others hear His name and praise Him. She said she wanted to make her listeners feel healing in her future music.

Her works have been receiving attention now after her debut song "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)" made history for hitting the number one spot on different music charts after it went viral on TikTok. Her debut song also paved the way for the Christian artist to sign on to the Christian label Centricity Music.

She shared also in an interview with TCB that her upcoming album would be authentic music to her and would depict her personality. The singer said she can't wait to share with all people the power of Jesus and His healing through her art.

The report said that her song was heard by more than 150 million people, achieved number one on the iTunes Christian & Gospel list after its release, and rose to the second spot on the iTunes Top Songs chart overall. It became the most added hit at Christian AC radio earlier this month after an organic ad on K-LOVE, Air1 Radio Network, and countless more outlets added it to rotation nationwide.

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