Elizabeth Hasselbeck Hits Whoopi Goldberg’s Pro-abortion Remarks, Says ‘God Has Plan, Purpose’ for Life in Womb

Elizabeth Hasselbeck Hits Whoopi Goldberg’s Pro-abortion Remarks, Says ‘God Has Plan, Purpose’ for Life in Womb

Elizabeth Hasselbeck recently shot down comments by veteran actress, singer, and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg which seemed to support abortion behind the veil of freedom of choice.

Hasselbeck, who was a guest co-host in Goldberg's show "The View," verbally expressed her disagreement with the latter's comments about abortion.

Dispute About Goldberg's Pro-abortion Comments

According to a report by The Washington Times, Goldberg proclaimed that people who opt to terminate their pregnancies through abortion merely express their freedom to decide what's best for them.

Such freedom, Goldberg explained, is a gift from God, whom she said "doesn't make mistakes," the report said.

"God made us smart enough to know when it wasn't going to work for us. That's the beauty of giving us freedom of choice," The Washington Times quoted Goldberg telling the show's audience.

Her apparent support for abortion did not sit well with Hasselbeck, who left the show in 2013 and was part of the episode as a guest co-host.

Hasselbeck reportedly muttered "No" several times as Goldberg was explaining her pro-abortion stance.

Hasselbeck asked Goldberg following her comments defending abortion: "What about the life in the womb?"

She then explained that the life inside the womb carries God's plan and purpose, which negates the idea of terminating it.

Goldberg did not provide a sensible rebuttal to Hasselbeck's questions, the report revealed.

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Oneself as 'Barometer of Truth'

According to the Times article, Goldberg's justification for people who opted to abort their babies indicates the prevailing "about me" culture that the Christian world is currently facing.

The report noted how the presence of "me" and "I" denoting prioritization of personal choice reflects the defective view that people can become their own "barometers of truth."

The article underscored that such a notion is not only faulty but also "unbiblical."

Aftermath of the Exchange

A Yahoo News report revealed that Hasselbeck and Goldberg were "not on speaking terms" following their televised verbal tussle on the abortion issue.

The article noted how the two hosts' polarizing points of view are not helping their relationship behind the scenes.

Yahoo News revealed that Hasselbeck maintains a far-right stance while Goldberg keeps her liberal views. 

The report noted that their on-screen abortion issue tussle only made the contrast much more pronounced.

Yahoo News also bared that Goldberg became particularly upset with her co-host when the latter interrupted her speech to present counter-arguments.

The news outlet also noted Hasselbeck's insistence on disagreeing with Goldberg on the issue gripping the nation following the Roe v. Wade debacle.

Despite the apparent tension between the two hosts, Yahoo News said that show producers hired Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served under the Trump presidency.

The report said that her addition to the show indicates the management's openness to having dissenting opinions and controversy on the show.

Some of the show's fans immediately took to social media to block Griffin's entrance. At the same time, some said they would stop watching the show due to Griffin's inclusion.

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