Pastor Michael Todd Warns Church Against ‘Cuffing’ Selves To ‘Things That Are Killing Our Calling’


Megachurch pastor Michael Todd cautioned his congregants for "cuffing" themselves to idols and ended up missing beautiful possibilities in life.

The 33-year-old pastor of Transformation Church in Oklahoma and bestselling author of "Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex" presented a three-part sermon series titled "Cuffing Season" about the fight with idolatry.

Todd cautioned against placing the man in a position that only God can fill, as this could result in unmet future ambitions, missed benefits, and unanswered prayers. He said, people nowadays were cuffed to things that are killing their calling. As many people asked what God's will in their life, according to the pastor, the answer would not be based on what to add in life, but on what to let go of.

Many people, he continued, pray to God to intervene. God, on the other hand, urges individuals to let up on something. This is important for a new vision to come up, the pastor said. By letting go, people could have the freedom to be focused on things that God called them to do.

Missing Spiritual Gains For Comfort

Since they have placed idols before God, many Christians miss out on spiritual gains. He clarified that an idol is more than a religious statue. Anything that has usurped God's place is an idol. Todd claimed that some Christians will forego tithing in favor of spending hundreds of dollars on a concert ticket or devoting more time to sports.

According to the pastor, Christians frequently do not prioritize God as much as they should in these situations because they are too accustomed to idolizing things or people. Knowing what hinders people from their potential to do God's will is important because most people aren't aware of what cuffed them. They thought it was normal, but it's killing their calling, he said.

He also warned them not to make him an idol because a leader like him is also fallible. Making him an idol, he stressed out, would just lead them to trouble. He encouraged them to listen to God more than anyone. He explained that his role was just a vessel of His words temporarily.

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Confronting Comfort To Counter Idolatry

Idolatry made people leave the Church. He urged them to fix their eyes before God and not on anyone or something. He encouraged them to use their time wisely as God intended them. To devote themselves to prayer and devotion instead of soaking themselves in social media.

He reminded them going in-depth study of Words of God would defy them from catastrophe especially nowadays since misinformation is rampant nowadays. He mentioned people love to just watch small clipping, then will make it to "word of the day" which is not appropriate.

It's time to cut people from what they were cuffed on, he said. To counter idolatry, the pastor mentioned being comfortable with things that are not comfortable. Christians should confront their comfort as he referenced Luke 9:23. Jesus said to Peter that whoever wants to be His disciple, must carry his cross daily and follow him.

He told the congregation that withstanding difficulties with God could prepare people for greater heights. He encouraged people to maximize every season in pursuit of doing God's will instead of being comfortable and wandering.

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