‘Pro-Life Evangelicals’ Who Supported Biden Should Repent For Supporting Pro-Abortion Candidate: Brown

Dr. Michael L. Brown

Bible scholar and Christian author Dr. Michael Brown urged Pro-Life evangelicals who voted Biden into office to repent of their blind spots and to seek reconciliation with other pro-Trump evangelicals and Catholics.

In response to "Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden's" open letter stating their disappointments on the Biden administration - particularly on the issue of abortion and the exclusion of Hyde Amendment in COVID-19 relief packages, Dr. Brown pointed that during the electoral campaign, the current President has made his positions clear.

On the issue of abortion, Biden said that he's running as a president who won't support pro-life initiatives. As for the Hyde Amendment, Dr. Brown linked to the news headline ran by the New York Times back in 2019 which clearly spelled out Biden's position. He added another link from the Democratic platform highlighting the statement, "We will repeal the Hyde Amendment, and protect and codify Roe v. Wade."

Dr. Brown questioned Biden-supporting evangelicals' statements that they were "shocked" and
that they feel "used and betrayed." Brown called it "willful ignorance."

Dr. Richard Mouw, leader of the Pro-life evangelical for Biden campaign said that they supported the President's candidacy under the condition that there would be dialogues on the issue of abortion and the Hyde amendment.

"I don't see any reason why a Catholic president like Joe Biden who certainly has understood the teachings of the church could not at least say we want to cut back on the number of abortions, we don't want to federally fund abortions except in extreme circumstances," Mouw told CBN.

"Some of the things that Mr. Biden has said have been very moving, but at the same time some of his actions seem to go against that," Mouw added.

Brown argued that these Christian leaders should have seen what was coming when they chose to support Biden and now that it's here, they're expressing regret. Brown said that there were plenty of warnings before on the grave consequences of simply riding on the Democrat leaders' promises, and enumerated several incidents that these warnings were put forth. Nonetheless, the pro-Biden evangelicals did not heed them.

"Surprise, surprise. And in this case, I don't mind saying that we told you so in advance. These are grave matters indeed, and that's why our warnings were grave as well," Brown wrote.

The renowned Christian author also did not fail to contrast Biden's failure to deliver on his promises against former President Trump who listened to the counsels of evangelicals.

"Ironically, for all of President Trump's failings, he did what no other recent president has done, namely, kept his promises to evangelicals and kept his door wide open to them. In fact, to my understanding, a key reason he kept so many of those promises was because of the influence of the evangelical leaders who frequently had his ear. They helped him to do the right thing."

Noting how things could likely get worse under the Biden administration, the scholar encouraged pro-life evangelicals to do the following:

  1. Ask God's forgiveness for helping empower this radical, pro-abortion agenda.
  2. Reach out to pro-Trump evangelicals and Catholics to rebuild bridges and find common ground.
  3. And then, as one, to unite in transcending the political parties and, once and for all, turn this nation to embrace the sanctity of life.

Rather than wallowing in despair over "shame" and whining over "betrayal," Dr. Brown calls for a turning to "life-giving repentance."

"Only repentance can bring mercy from the screams of the unborn whose fates you have helped seal," he said at the end of his critique.