Senator Explains Why The Leftist Federal Government Likes Permanent Lockdowns

Senator Marsha Blackburn
Senator Marsha Blackburn |

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn explained during a guesting in a nationwide radio program why the leftist federal government likes permanent lockdowns.

Breitbart reported that the Tennessee senator disclosed during "The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show" why the "permanent pandemic," shown through lockdowns, gives into the leftist ideology since "dependencies" give the federal government control.

During the show that took place on Saturday, the hosts asked the senator how she felt about the current state of the pandemic in the country and on "normalcy." Blackburn responded that she has been talking to a lot of Tennesseans, which included doctors and parents. She said people are doing their best to be "careful" in whatever way they can such as getting vaccinated when they are a "candidate for it."

Blackburn pointed out that what she kept hearing from people is "they want to live normal" by being able to go back to work and school as they used to. More importantly, Blackburn raised that "people do not want the federal government to mandate vaccines, masks, and lockdowns."

"(People) do not want the federal government to come in and mandate masks or mandate vaccines or to mandate lockdowns. But here's what we have to realize. The left likes lockdowns because it gives them control. They would like to have a permanent pandemic. They would like to keep you in that state, so you're dependent on them," Blackburn revealed.

Blackburn highlighted that extended lockdowns affect the mental health of people, especially kids who are now going back to school. She raised that parents have stressed they would like their children to live normally, go out and do the things they usually do. Most parents, she said, hope that their children would be able to go back to school without the need for wearing masks. Yet Blackburn said what the federal government is doing contradicts what the people want and hope for.

"You look at the bills and things that are coming through us. What are they trying to do? Make people dependent on the federal government by taking more money out of your pocket, having it go to Washington, D.C., go to programs that will have outlived their usefulness by the time our kids and grandkids have to start paying this bill. That's what they like," she stressed.

Blackburn reiterated in her website where she called the lockdowns as mere "Democrat power grabs." Last month, Blackburn raised how leftists are waging a "cultural war" against Republicans when it comes to America's "freedom, family, and faith," among others. She stressed that the left is moving towards Marxism contrary to American rights, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, as well as, contrary to God.

Travis and Sexton also asked Blackburn regarding the current issues on the border and on President Joe Biden's "tax and spending spree." Blackburn expressed her concerns on the minors who were reported previously as being sexually abused in the facilities there. This incident she said speaks only of Biden's policy on immigration as a "disaster." Meanwhile, she said that Biden's "spending spree must end."

"Since Joe Biden took the oath of office, the cartels are running that border. They are making money off of every individual that crosses that border... Cartels are making money off of human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, labor gangs, and MS 13 gangs," Blackburn stated.

"And this is what we are seeing in our communities. Build the wall, secure the border. It's a great infrastructure project. That is something that we should agree to move forward on," she added.