Senator Introduces New Legislation Protecting Essential Workers’ Right To Remain Employed Without Getting Vaccinated

woman wearing mask inside room behind glass window

A new legislation focused on giving essential workers an exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates of President Joe Biden has been introduced.

The New York Post said Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn introduced a new bill that would protect essential workers from being terminated from their jobs if they choose not to be vaccinated. Blackburn is concerned about the vaccine mandate's "negative implications for the supply chain crisis' since it might add to the employment "shortage."

"Senator introduces bill to exempt essential workers from Biden vax mandate," the outlet tweeted.

In a statement dated October 26, Blackburn revealed that she is pushing back on the vaccine mandates of Biden by introducing "Keeping Our COVID-19 Heroes Employed Act", which is a "legislation will protect essential workers from being fired over COVID vaccination status."

She pointed out that businesses are already "desperate for workers" and the nation is already "facing a critical supply chain shortage" with 10.4 million "open jobs" as of August this year. With this in mind, Blackburn said the essential workers should not be forced to take the vaccines with the threat of losing their jobs as they are very much needed during these times.

"President Biden should be doing everything possible to encourage Americans to show up to work. Instead, Biden's plan is to implement a vaccine mandate that could force countless Americans to be fired," the senator said.

She elaborated that the essential workers were able to come to work and protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus for more than a year without the vaccine. Blackburn pointed out that getting vaccinated is a personal choice and it should not be forced on the person, not even the president of the country.

"Our essential workers are true heroes. For over 18 months, essential workers showed up to serve and protect their communities. Businesses across the country are desperate for workers and we are in the midst of a supply chain crisis," she stressed.

"There are more than 10.4 million open jobs across the country, and now President Biden wants to fire even more workers. Getting vaccinated is a choice that should be made between a patient and their doctor. No one should be forced by Joe Biden to be fired or get jabbed," she added.

Blackburn also disclosed that a recent poll conducted by the Tennessee Chamber showed that 76% of the state's businesses actually oppose the the Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which are seen as "dictating vaccination protocols to businesses."

In line with introducing the law, several legislators and businesses have expressed support for Blackburn and the protection of essential workers from Biden's vaccine mandates. One of Blackburn's supporters include the National Sheriff's Association which pointed out the need for essential workers to be "appreciated" and "not penalized." The group expressed support for the decision of such essential workers in line with their health and the vaccine.

"Essential workers have been often-unsung heroes, working tirelessly in the areas of law enforcement, fire, EMS, nursing, teaching, and many more. Their efforts need to be recognized and appreciated, not penalized. We support Senator Blackburn's legislation, which protects these essential workers from losing their livelihood over the new vaccination requirements. We stand with these hard-working Americans and their personal decisions regarding their own health," the National Sheriff's Association said.

American Principles Project President Terry Schilling called Biden's vaccine mandates as a means of crushing the essential workers and their families. Schilling called on other Congressmen to follow through and similarly support with Blackburn's important legislation.

"We should be doing all we can to support these workers and their families, not crushing them. APP fully supports Sen. Blackburn's legislation to ensure essential workers are exempt from this unjust mandate, and we urge her fellow members of Congress to join her in this effort," Schilling remarked in a statement.