Sharing Jesus By Loving Others In Ways That Can Be Felt, Heard And Seen

hands showing compassion touch

A minister declared that Christians are "called out" to love others in "tangible" ways.

In his article on WND, Greg Laurie discussed about reaching out to the world and sharing the love of God through actions. Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a radio host of "A New Beginning" program and the founder of Harvest Crusades and Harvest America.

The pastor said that the increasing division in the country today has caused people to seek for a community where they feel belonged and somewhere they can "feel safe," "genuinely love and be loved in return" - a place that aptly describes the church.

Despite the imperfection of the church, Laurie pointed out that it is the "only organization" that Jesus Christ Himself established and continues to protect against the enemy.

 Recalling the "four principles" of the church in the New Testament, which moved the early believers to love one another, the pastor declared that "Christian fellowship" is incomparable.

However, he said that though Christians must live in accordance to the Scripture and against the teachings of the world, it does not mean they have to isolate themselves from unbelievers. Instead, they must serve as "light" to others through their good works, as stated in Matthew 5:16.

"When there are hurting people in the world, we don't see atheists leading the charge to reach out to them. Nor do we see hedonists leading the charge or Hollywood leading the charge. Instead, we can find God's people going into these places to help, trying to show his love in a tangible way," he added.

He then shared the Bible's description of love in 1 Corinthians 13, emphasizing that Paul did not focus merely on its definition but what it "does and doesn't do."

"God's love that we are to demonstrate to each other is not something that's a mere feeling or an emotion. It isn't abstract or passive. It is active, it engages, it works, and it moves," the minister pointed out.

"God's love doesn't merely feel patient; it is patient. God's love doesn't simply have kind feelings; it does kind things. Love is fully love only when it acts," he continued.

He encouraged the Christians to practice loving others, as the apostle described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and Philippians 2:3-4.

"This is the same kind of love Jesus spoke of that turns the other cheek, the kind of love that has as its primary concern not its own welfare but the welfare of others," Laurie further said.

Moreover, he urged the believers not to live by the culture of the world, wherein they are taught to focus on themselves and ignore others, but according to the Word of God instead.

The pastor said that others may find it impossible to live by the Biblical standard of love, but he reminded about the Holy Spirit who causes people to have love, which comes as fruit of His presence in the lives of Christians as they seek Christ daily.

"Let that be said of us as the church and as individuals. May our lives be characterized by this love," Laurie concluded.