On Sunday, November 22, Pastors Eric and Candace Johnson resigned from their position as Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California.

The Christian Post reported that Eric and Candace Johnson already announced in February this year that they will step down from their position after serving in the ministry for the last 18 years with a decade spent serving as Senior Pastors of Bethel Church.

On a press release by Bethel Church, the couple officially announced their resignation on Sunday.

The former senior pastors of Bethel Church added that "Their decision has been prayerfully considered and thought through for several months."

The Johnsons also added in the press release that they were not asked to resign nor pressured to do so.

They also clarified that "there was no moral failure, inciting incident, pandemic or political fatigue, theological difference, or issue of health or capacity involved" in the outcome of their decision.

In a statement, the Johnsons made it clear that they are still a family even if others might find their decision odd or even unexpected in this season.

"We are family, and we will always be a part of this movement. While this decision may feel odd and unexpected, there is a deep sense of peace. We are anchored in hope, and believe that the best is yet to come, both for us and for the future of Bethel."

The decision made by the couple is met with sadness. The only silver lining is that they will continue to serve the Bethel Church family through the end of January 2021 to ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

Bethel Church is well-known for its popular brand of worship which they also turned into a music label. They are not only a megachurch. They are a church that impacted and influenced the way people worship all across the globe.

Aside from the official press release by Bethel Church, the couple also released a separate announcement on video. Candace Johnson shared that when they accepted their current role as Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, they said 'yes' with forever in mind.

In this time of transition, Eric and Candace are still unsure of what they should do next. In fact, they plan to take at least two or three months of sabbatical to pray for what they should do. Despite the uncertainty, the couple still trusts God as they complete their present assignment and move into their next one.

Bill Johnson, the Senior Leader of Bethel Church also released a statement saying how they fully support Eric and Candace's decision to resign.

"We know this was not an easy decision for Eric and Candace to make. And yet, know that as a Senior Leadership Team, we fully support them in their decision to resign as the Senior Pastors of Bethel Church here in Redding.

Bill also expressed his sadness but remains expectant and full of hope for what the next season might bring for the whole Bethel Church family.

"And while there is sadness in this transition, we remain expectant and full of hope for this next season: for them and for us."