A Maryland school says that a baby, as young as three months old, is racist. But an apologist disagrees with this claim and seeks to teach children about races through the Bible's perspective.

A part of a presentation of an "anti-racist" teachings, being planned to be introduced in Montgomery County Elementary School, states that "babies look more at faces that match the race of their caregivers" and concludes that babies are racist.

Ken Ham, an apologist and founder of Answers in Genesis, rejects the claim and said that it only distracts the real issues surrounding "the sin of racism," and that it actually perpetrates "racism by pitting groups against one another."

Further, Mr. Ham said that young children should also be taught about race, but in a Biblical worldview, before the world influences their minds with false ideologies.

The apologist then shared "7 Spiritual Races in the Bible."

First, the "Created Race." All people are descendants of Adam and Eve, "all made in God's own image." All have the DNA of Adam and Eve and are thus, "members of Adam's race."

Second, the "Fallen Race." When Adam and Eve sinned, people became sinners too, being their descendants. Sin causes people not to love God the way they should. In the same way, sin is the reason why people are hating each other. Mr. Ham said that the issue on racism is not "really skin" but "actually sin." Sin is the root cause of racism that has been existing in human history. Racism is the result of man's evil heart and of his judgment, basing on outward appearance.

Third, the "Rescued Race." People today are descendants of Noah, a righteous man that God rescued when He flooded the world due to man's wickedness during their time. This, he said, also reminds that God judges the sin of man but also provides a way for salvation. For Christians today, they are rescued through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fourth, the "Divided Race." The descendants of Noah rebelled before God when they decided to build the Tower of Babel. This angered God and decided to divide people's language and scattered them across the world. This led to divisions of people that exist until today.

Fifth, the "Saved Race". Sin has caused man to be worthy only of death. But due to God's loving mercy, He decided to send His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to die for man's sins. Jesus took the penalty of sin and died on the cross, for man to be made righteous before God. People who received the gift of salvation have become part of the "saved race."

Sixth, the "Lost Race." These are people who have yet to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, or those who have rejected Him for salvation. Apart from Christ, man is dead on sin and separated from God. Therefore, it is essential that Christians should share the gospel so that the "lost race" would also find Christ and become part of the "saved race."

Finally, the "Lamb's Race." Jesus is the "Lamb of God," the sacrifice to take away the sin of man. People who are rescued by the grace of God and saved through Jesus Christ have become part of the "lamb's race," covered by the blood of Jesus.

The apologist said that children should be taught about the issue of race using the Word of God, so that they would not be influenced by the world's misleading teachings about racism.

"As always, the answer is found in the truth of God's Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ," Mr. Ham concluded.