A new coalition of several Big Tech companies has been formed to quash misinformation and promote transparency online, a report says.

Formed by Adobe, Microsoft, Truepic, Arm, Intel and the BBC, the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) aims to "advance the work of open specification development toward broad adoption of provenance standards" and touts itself as a "formal coalition for standards development."

But whose standards are these? There is an implicit bias in whichever standards the coalition will build given that these Big Tech companies are often under the wing of high level politicians.

Furthermore, the C2PA is described by Adobe as a "mutually governed consortium" that aims to build an architecture for a "verifiable integrity in media" through "cryptographically verifiable facts about content." This means that there will be better measures to enable the efficient and more precise tracing of content to a single user through his or her unique digital signature.

According to CBN News, this digital signature will be a way to track any type of content back to the original creator, whether it be a post, photo, or video, transforming any person's device into an informant.

Breitbart investigative tech reporter and author Allum Bokhari wrote that while it is not a "bad idea" to track down sources of malicious, deceptive, misleading and false information, those who are tasked to do so should be able to carry out their duties without any bias.

Bokhari, who wrote "#DELETED: Big Tech's Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election," argued that the organizations placed in charge of governing false information have their own biases and Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley have abused their position to silence and censor sources of information and viewpoints that they are opposed to and used such a position as a "tool of political interference."

Big Tech will soon be using smartphones and other gadgets to monitor users' movements and Bokhari believes that the entire left wing media and establishment is "on board with cracking down on so-called 'misinformation.' It's how they've censored the internet over the past four years."

And they continue to do so today. According to the New York Post, former President Donald Trump was once again censored by Big Tech on Thursday night when his interview with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump was taken off Facebook. The former Commander-in-Chief told Real America's Voice that it was a "very nice interview" that was taken down by Facebook, which he described as a "disgraceful" act.

Facebook defended their move to take down the interview posted by Lara Trump, saying that the video "featured President Trump speaking" and that "further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts" of the former president, which are current still blocked, awaiting the decision of the Oversight Board as to whether Trump's accounts should be reinstated.

"What's happening now in this country, nobody ever thought would happen. It is total censorship," the former president said, attacking Big Tech. "You don't have free speech in this country. But you know what happens, they take it off and now people talk about it more."