As England and the rest of the world mourns the loss of Prince Philip who died peacefully at the age of 99 in the Windsor Castle on Friday, the late Duke of Edinburgh is remembered in a report for his interest in theology and his influence on his wife Queen Elizabeth II whom he "persuaded" to talk about her faith.

The Christian Post (CP) said Prince Philip would encourage Queen Elizabeth to be open about her public in her public messages such as the Christmas broadcast that normally only entailed the itinerary of the royal family during the season, citing a report by Premier Christian News (PCN).

"Prince Philip was the person really who encouraged the queen to talk about her own faith in her Christmas broadcasts. They really used to be more like travelogues, and they would just say where the royal family had been," stated "God Save the Queen" author Rev. Prof. Ian Bradley to PCN.

"(The) queen spoke very movingly and powerfully about her own Christian faith and the impact it had on her. And there was a very positive response from viewers. And," Bradley recalled of the queen's 2000 Christmas broadcast, "it was Philip who really persuaded the queen to make more of her own Christian faith. And he said, 'You should be talking about this.'"

Bradley added that Prince Philip showed "extreme" interest in theology and had "wonderful knowledge in the Bible" such that he would take down notes of the sermon he gave being their pastor and test him, which he described as "really put you on your mettle", about it during lunchtime.

The Archbishop of Canterbury also recalled Prince Philip as an "outstanding model of Christian service" for faithfully serving as the Queen's consort for 73 years, as per CP in a separate report.

"Prince Philip continually demonstrated his unfailing support and unstinting loyalty to Her Majesty The Queen for 73 years. He consistently put the interests of others ahead of his own and, in so doing, provided an outstanding example of Christian service. During his naval career, in which he served with distinction in the Second World War, he won the respect of his peers as an outstanding officer," the archbishop said.

The archbishop also invited the people to "give thanks for the marriage" of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip that was "grounded in friendship and mutual respect and sustained by shared faith in Christ."

CP cited the 2016 book of Queen Elizabeth entitled "The Servant Queen and the King She serves, that was released before her 90th birthday and was co-written by London Institute for Contemporary Christianity Executive Director Mark Greene. The book contained the queen's reflection on the central role Jesus played in her life. She expressed gratitude for the prayers said for her and her gratitude "to God for his steadfast love" because she has "indeed seen His faithfulness."

Greene said, as per CP, that he has seen the queen's "clear dependence on Christ" while writing the book and that people who he has told about it were "very interested" in discovering "more about the Queen's faith."

Queen Elizabeth II gave her first ever Easter Message last April 4. During which, she delved on the hope of Christ amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

"The discovery of the risen Christ on the first Easter Day gave his followers new hope and fresh purpose, and we can all take heart from this. We know that coronavirus will not overcome us. As dark as death can be - particularly for those suffering with grief - light and life are greater. May the living flame of the Easter hope be a steady guide as we face the future," as per the transcript of her message published by PCN.