Rod D. Martin, an officer of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, received pushback from Baptist Pastors after criticizing Pastor Josh King who praised his wife's preaching at Criswell College's Chapel Service.

Pastor Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) President Adam Greenway rebuked Rod Martin for taking issue with Jacki King's talk at the Criswell College.

McKissic said that he does not see any problem with King's "Solid. Biblical. Preaching" statement in support of his wife and ministry, reports The Christian Post.

On Monday, King captioned a screenshot tweet of his wife's talk at the Criswell College. She's the keynote speaker and her husband could not be any prouder. Her ministry, according to the Post, has similarities with Bible teacher Beth Moore who has recently announced that she's no longer a member of Southern Baptist.

Martin, who is also the Founder and CEO of The Martin Organization, found King's statement unbecoming as their denomination's conservative culture forbids women preachers.

"In case you were wondering why some of the Conservative @BaptistNetwork's most vociferous opponents are so vocal. She also preached @CriswellCollege's chapel service. When asked, the college denied it was 'preaching.' But just as here, her pastor husband boasted of it," wrote Martin on Twitter.

Replying to Martin, McKissic said that he's "grateful for Criswell College & their ministry consistent with Mrs. Criswell teaching a coed Bible class of 600 adults." He added that "Cornerstone Church will mail Criswell College a generous gift this week in honor of their support for people of color & women; historically marginalized groups."

SWBTS President Adam Greenway also had scathing remarks on Martin's reaction.

"Southern Baptists will truly live up to our moniker as Great Commission Baptists when the outrage expressed toward the men of our tribe who never 'preach' the Gospel (cf. Romans 10:14-17) exceeds the outrage expressed toward the women of our tribe who actually do," he tweeted.

The Post also noted that in another tweet, Greenway praised SWBTS's milestone for being the "the first seminary to grant degrees to women" in 1914 and is "the home of the oldest building continually operated for the theological education of females, Barnard Hall."

Others who commented pointed out that the preaching of the Gospel was commissioned to all Jesus followers regardless of their gender. One went to the extreme by demanding the removal of Martin from SBC's Executive Committee.

Nonetheless, just as he had critics, Martin also had people agreeing with him. One replied that it didn't matter that the college used "keynote speaker" in their promotion because what Mrs. King did is still "preaching." Another questions Pastor King's motive when he posted about his wife's "Solid. Biblical. Preaching."

For the couple in question's background, Josh King is the lead pastor of Second Baptist Church in Conway Arkansas while his wife Jacki is a Bible teacher. Both are graduates of the Criswell College and are presently studying at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary under President Adam Greenway.