An American comedian shared about his new book that tells about inspiring stories of people he met on his shows, lessons from his father and his own personal reflections on life.

Michael Jr. released the book, "Funny How Life Works," early this year and sold out on its initial release.

Speaking to The Christian Post, the comedian hoped that his latest book would inspire readers to embrace the purpose God has for them, adding that the stories were written in such a way that people could identify themselves, laugh and learn lessons.

"It's the same thing I do on stage and in comedy. I try to use my talents and resources to ensure that the audience is moving in one direction and it causes revelation, fulfillment, and joy expressed through laughter," he added.

He said that one of the stories that inspired him to write the book was an incident wherein he met a fugitive who went to watch his comedy show in Sacramento, California and requested to have a conversation with him.

The Caucasian man revealed that he has been hiding from authorities in several states and just attended his show to release some of the pressure he felt inside. Later on, the guy asked him for help to be turned to the police.

"So that's what we did; we called the police. They showed up, I prayed with the dude, I gave him a hug, and he got into the back of the police cruiser, and they drive off," the comedian stated.

Michael Jr. explained that it is important to listen to people and look for ways to help.

"In your life, there are gaps. The question is, what questions are you asking in between the gaps? Are you asking, 'What can I get?' or are you asking, 'What can I give?' If you change the question, you'll get different answers," he said.

In the book, he also wrote about the lessons he learned from his father, whom he attributed with in his success as a comedian from being an oil change technician in Michigan.

To talk about important issues, he said that his father "would never sit [him] down" but would bring him to an interesting activity like fishing. While participating together, they would have conversations and he was able to present his questions without the "weird awkwardness".

"It was very, very strategic on his part to instill those things in me," he continued.

Michael Jr. went on by saying that his father taught him and his siblings the relevance of prayer, as well as their God-given value while also giving them the freedom to decide on their own. The comedian disclosed that he also uses the same principles in parenting his own children.

 Moreover, he stated that he has also written about his reflections on perseverance and forgiveness in the book. He recalled about a terrifying encounter with the police wherein he was falsely accused of selling illegal drugs, pointing a gun at his head.

"I've had encounters with the police since then and don't hold a grudge with any of them. I talk about bitterness and how anger actually perpetuates pain. The sooner you can let that go, the faster your healing will come," he further said.

"What you do is you keep telling your story, and use those stories as leverage to help people really live a better life," he suggested.

The comedian sees his platform as an avenue to minister to people, bringing hope.

He also said that his goals changed after he met the Lord Jesus Christ, always considering what he can offer to others.

"When people laugh, their hearts open and when your heart is open, I want to make a deposit into it that could make a positive change and help you to discover your God-given purpose," he concluded.

Michael Jr. is known as one of the most gifted comedians today, touring the country and inspiring audiences to discover their purpose. He and his wife have five children together.