Chinese spies who sent British military tech secrets to the Chinese Communist Party are reportedly going to be arrested soon.

Breitbart said that "Chinese spies" from high-end universities in the United Kingdom will be arrested within the coming weeks based on information gathered by The Daily Mail. Breitbart disclosed that an investigation has been launched on the Manchester University, Imperial College London, Liverpool University, Sheffield University, Oxford University, and Cambridge University.

The said British universities earn around 10% to 28% of their income from Chinese students but there was no information as to whether these schools are aware of what the "Chinese spies" are doing.

It was reported in March that the Chinese Communist Party bought 17 private British schools who are financially struggling during the pandemic. The CCP used the said schools to expand their propaganda and their global influence.

Now, British universities are being used by CCP through spies in the academe to transfer technology to China in the form of "joint projects" on the development of weapons. Investigators said the joint projects were done by universities similarly for financial reasons.

Breitbart pointed out that the British Foreign Intelligence Agency MI6 started investigations on 200 British academics that were found to share technology with China. This prompted further investigations by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and the Special Branch together with the Foreign Office on the British academics who have supplied "secretive technology" to China meant to "oppress ethnic minorities and political dissidents."

The Daily Mail identified the Manchester University and the Queen Mary University of London as some of the top British schools who have undertaken tie-ups with CCP through China-based companies and institutions.

Manchester's partnership with China Electronics Technology Corporation involved a revolutionary technology known as "graphene" that is projected to be beneficial to the military for its "immense strength and flexibility." The China Electronics Technology Corporation is known to have supplied apps used by China in the mass surveillance and persecution of religious groups such as Christians and Uyghur Muslims. While Queen Mary's partnership with the Northwestern Polytechnical University of China similarly involved a technology for military use.

While Breitbart added that the Imperial College London's £5 million project with Huawei involved a "next generation technology for China's air force". The project was actually revealed in a report entitled "Arming China? The Chinese Military Complex and Its Potential Exploitation of Scientific Research at U.K. Universities" by Civitas released this month. The Civitas report identified 14 U.K. universities engaged in projects for Chinese military development.

In addition to such partnerships, British schools were found by the Henry Jackson Society to have 899 Chinese nationals enrolled to "military sensitive subjects" such as high-tech material science, aerospace engineering, and nuclear physics.

Henry Jackson Society, in its report entitled "Brain Drain: The UK, China and The Question Of Intellectual Property Theft," said that the United Kingdom is only recently "waking up to the broad gamit of threats posed" by the CCP whose central effort "to overtake the West and become the world's foremost power" is through the "theft and drainage of intellectual property."

A similar statement was given by former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in so far as China stealing software and intellectual property from America on his last day of office in January.