A powerful pro-life animated short by Canadian pro-life activist Choice42 (Choice For Two) uploaded in social media went viral due to its beautiful message that empowers pregnant women to choose life over murder by abortion.

"So, you're pregnant. You didn't plan this. You didn't want it. And now you have a choice to make..." Choice42 said in a Facebook post containing the video.

Faithwire reported that the video has reached 100,000 views with 4,000 shares and a reach of 200,000 in less than 12 hours since it was uploaded in Facebook. This excludes the more than 2,000 reactions the post got from netizens.

The almost two-minute animation is said to "flip the narrative" women with unwanted pregnancies are often bombarded with by western culture and society.

Faithwire revealed that Choice42 is the same group that created the satirical 2018 video series entitled "Magical Birth Canal," which was also known to hit on the claims and myths of pro-abortion groups via a monologue of a "Clueless" woman in pink hair.

Choice42 uploaded the video in all its social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. The video posted in IG TV has reached 21,223 views in just four days of being uploaded. In Twitter, the video has been viewed 15,600 times with 215 retweets, 67 quoted tweets, and 463 likes.

The animated short befins with a woman holding her stomach while depicting a fearful and worrisome face. A narrator presents her situation and thoughts while speaking to her in a third person point of view--as though speaking to the viewer of the video itself.

"So you're pregnant. You didn't plan this; you didn't want it, and now you have a choice to make. Take a breath. You can do this. I'm going to be real with you, though. The choices our society and the media are going to present you with are not all equal," the narrator said.

"For whatever reason, this baby was given to you. You were chosen to be this child's mother, and, no matter what's going on in your life, you can rise up and take this on," the narrator continued.

The animation then presents the woman climbing a mountain but was prevented by black vines that slithered all around her and almost engulfs her as the narrator speaks on the threat of abortion and the pressures felt by the woman to undergo it.

Eventually, the woman fights backs--in Kung Fu style and drama--after the narrator has spoken the "harsh" truth that abortion suggests "you murder your own baby" and that "you're the only one who can protect this child."

Toronto pro-life speaker Katie Somers was one among the many who praised the video as "powerful," "good," and "brilliant."

"This is the best video, it's exactly what a woman who is scared needs to hear. She is scared, yes, but also capable, stronger than she thinks, and NOT alone. Also, she's already a mother," Somers commented on the video in Twitter.

Choice42, a Christian organization that works to "shed light on what abortion actually is," urges women of unwanted pregnancies to "make a choice you can both live with." The organization is engaged in projects such as online interception, visual advertising, resource database, and providing real help for abortion recovery on top of video creation.

"Choice42 encourages women to be fully educated about their options, and to realize that though it is their choice, they are making a choice for two," the organization said in its website. Part of the options they provide is adoption.