Conservative Italian legislators of the National-conservative Brothers of Italy or FdI reportedly proposed a bill that would ban Communism and Islamism in the country.

Breitbart reported that FdI was led by Giorgia Meloni and was joined by its former president Salerno Edmondo Cirielli and other members of the chamber of deputies in presenting the bill that banks on a 2019 law against fascism in Italy. The new bill extends the said Anti-Nazi law that was approved by the European Parliament to encompass Communism as modeled by the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela.

The 2019 law commemorates the importance of remembrance for Europe's future by declaring the "crimes of totalitarian communist regimes adopted by a number of national parliaments" for the "80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, which led to unprecedented levels of human suffering" by the communist Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. It "condemns" the said crimes and their ideologies "to honour the victims" as "ground for a reconciliation based on truth and remembrance."

As per Il Giornale, the new bill is "inspired by the principles of the Constitution to preserve human rights" inflicted by "Islamic extremist ideology" along with actions carried out by individuals or groups of troublemakers inspired by totalitarian ideologies" and brings back the debate on communism.

"Time to equate the Communist regime with the fascist regime," Meloni said to Il Giornale in an interview.


Giorgia Meloni (Twitter)
Giorgia Meloni (Twitter)

Breitbart disclosed that the bill, which aims to create provisions to counter groups,organizations, movements, associations and parties that are "pursuing anti-democratic purposes according to communist totalitarian ideologies or extremist Islamic religious ideologies," was proposed after the signing of the "Madrid Charter" last November 2020 by Meloni, VOX Leader Santiago Abascal, and 70 other individuals.

The Madrid Charter is said to be anti-communist and affirms the group's belief that the advancement of Communism poses a serious threat to the prosperity and development of our nations, as well as to the freedoms and rights of our compatriots."

Meloni has been active in speaking out against violence and injustice. In a separate report by Breitbart, Meloni condemned violence inflicted by leftists in Spain against Abascal who was stoned while delivering his speech in Vallecas. Meloni expressed unity with European conservatives who sympathized with Abascal for the "scandalous" attack of the militants during the rally VOX attended.

"The left is dramatically the same all over the world. You only have the right to speak if you think, say and support what they want," Meloni told Il Giornale during an interview on the incident.

Meloni also stressed that the European Conservatives are "a very strong political family" who are the only ones courageous enough to go against "progressive dictatorship" and are "prepared to speak" on their values and mission for human rights. She also announced her plan to form partnerships with American Republicans and British Tories in line with their objective to become central in the international scene and in Europe.

As per Breitbart, Meloni's plans on visibility seem to be unfolding as a recent poll showed that FdI has increased in popularity by 20%. This historical increase is said to make the FdI the second largest party in Italy from a mere 4% rating during the 2018 Italian national elections. FdI's opposition to the coalition of Prime Minister Mraio Draghi was said to contribute to the party's increase in popularity.