In pursuit of the "greater works" mentioned by Jesus in John 14:12, Mario Murillo Ministries seeks to awaken the Church in America to the power of God's Spirit. This will cause Christians to highlight the significance of Jesus' victory on the Cross while refuting Satan's deceptive claims.

Because the evil they are witnessing in the United States has a desensitizing effect, California-based pastor Mario Murillo believes that American Christians are gradually becoming numb to it. He expressed fear that once it becomes easier for them to tolerate these evils, they may not even notice how far their country has fallen.

"The danger is that we can also become resigned to evil and not press into God so we can do something about it," he wrote in his July 31 blog.

For this reason, he underscored the need for "every Christian and every church" to be "studying the authority over evil that we have in Christ."

"The devil does not respect the celebrity pastor who confines his service to eloquent sermonizing," he explained. "Satan loves our distractions and our carnival counterfeits of signs and wonders. He laughs and claps his hands at the leader who only spouts words, but has no anointing. He cherishes the hollow programs and false sense of entitlement that characterizes many churches. Satan might even toss something in the offering of a 'woke' church that has betrayed the Word of God, to assure that a deceived and dying generation go to hell."

He saw two cataclysms. First, churches that were able to grow in influence due to "human power," and congregations which stayed stagnant or kept shrinking because of a "lack of power."

Murillo believes that both of these circumstances are not God's will.

"We need to display the power over Satan that Jesus won on the Cross!" he proclaimed.

The incredible things they see in their tent crusades

 Murillo explained how God has been acting throughout their tent crusades in Sacramento as an example to his claim for the Spirit's power.

"Lisa, one of our volunteers who came to Sacramento, prayed for a woman who was legally blind and whose sight was only shadows. She could not make out more than shapes. After Lisa prayed for her, she received perfect sight. Hallelujah!" he shared.

The pastor went on to say that there had been many more instances of redemption and healing, along with many other miracles, in the vicinity of the tent site.

"And it begs the question, 'If these are the miracles and the level of power leading up to the tent crusade, then what on earth is going to happen inside the tent?'" he posits.

"I am pleading with God to not only save thousands of souls," he added. "I am begging Him to let this be an inspiration to churches and Christian ministries everywhere to rise up and exercise their power over Satan."

Even though he wrote extensively about it, Murillo was firm in his beliefs that God is active in the midst of broken and starving people. He was always forthright in his claims, since he saw them first-hand while preaching in tents.

One day, a preacher questioned him about the apparent lack of power in his church. Murillo replied that it's because this preacher behaves as if he doesn't need it.

"Divine hunger and deep agony are the keys to increased power," he noted in his blog. "The hunger to know Him in the power of His resurrection. The agony of seeing souls hopelessly lost, groping in darkness, and living out the daily horror of 'the new normal,' as leftists love to call it."