Pastor Unveils What God Is Willing To Do To Spare America From Destruction

Seeking God ferverntly

This preacher believes that God will not surrender America without a fight, and he predicts that God will deliver a catastrophic attack on those who hate Him.

In his weekend blog, California-based pastor Mario Murillo wrote:

"Satan has grossly underestimated what the Lord is willing to do to spare our nation. You see that same overconfidence in those who follow the devil."

He said that the concussive nature of God's zeal will be felt inside the church as well. The pastors who exchanged their heavenly calling for worldly benefits, who honeycombed their church members with flattery, and who watered down the armies of God to a community club will be exposed. Likewise, those who snuffed out the God-given need to respond now will be held accountable.

For Murillo, defeatist preaching from the pulpit is a source of great frustration.

"They do not believe America can be saved," he said emphatically. "They have resigned themselves to a new goal-a false goal-because they have lost faith in God's goals."

He went on to explain that Satan had sold fool's gold to the church. Because of loss and disbelief, Christians seek wealth, counterfeit grace, and fame, rather than picking up weapons capable of bringing down strongholds.

But while God is making right what needs to be put right in churches, he is also preparing and refining the remnant. Murillo is certain that this remnant would engage in an honest struggle to eliminate the falsehoods of crooked governments and dishonest political organizations.

Through his recorded comments on Acts 4:19-20 and Acts 5:28, he used Peter as an example of a Christian who sees when the government has gone too far in its abuse of authority.

"The true warrior understands what is going on. They know the Left is coming after our freedom. They know how they will force feed our children the Antichrist agenda," he continued.

God, according to Murillo, is raising up believers to reverse the tide of evil against them. He said that God is unconcerned about their age or education since he is looking for someone who is toiling against evil and those who feel like they will perish without purpose.

While many churchgoers desire comforting sermons, Murillo asserts that a rising number of people are seeking to comprehend "authority, brokenness, and the Resurrection Life" of Jesus Christ.

With regards to discussing spiritual warfare, Murillo observed that many Christians would rather avoid it. Nonetheless, those whom he referred to as "others" understand that there is an ongoing struggle against principalities and forces of evil.

He characterized them as those who pray longer and louder than what is "acceptable" in certain settings. They are those who endure concerts, seminars, and Christian activities, but these have significance to them. In essence, these individuals are all about things they are passionate about and things they are committed to, and because of that, they come off as different from everyone else.

"Professional church builders fear them because they scare away the 'right people.' Carnal believers despise them because they are a constant reminder of compromise," he said.

Murillo referred to them as God's "secret weapons" waiting to be unleashed for His purpose, and he wrote the following words of encouragement for them:

"You are not are simply becoming normal! What you were created to be! The Holy Spirit is energizing you to take a giant leap out of dead church life. You are about to make a courageous declaration of war on the godless ideologies that are destroying our nation."