A Baptist youth speaker passed away after fighting COVID and pneumonia in the hospital.

Christian leaders are mourning the loss of Evangelist Wade Morris when he passed away Tuesday in Birmingham hospital, the Baptist Press reported.

"Please pray for family & Friends of @WadeSpeaks who faithfully preached the Gospel and today stepped into God's presence," Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton tweeted.

In a statement released to The Oklahoman, Brian Hobbs, communications director of the Oklahoma Baptists, shared that Morris was a huge impact to the youth.

"We are heartbroken to learn that Wade Morris passed away. His life, speaking ministry and evangelism in Oklahoma and across the country, through annual preaching at camps and other church events, have forever impacted countless young people. Wade is a faithful minister of the Gospel and a great friend to Oklahoma Baptists. We are praying for his family and church family in Alabama, as we put our faith in the Lord at this difficult time," Hobbs stated.

Jason Britt of Bethlehem Church in Georgia, a former board member of the Wade Morris Ministries, said that the late minister was someone who "could draw a net like no other and was one of a kind," adding that he was a faithful evangelist who practiced what he preached.

Chris Orr of Beech Haven Baptist Church in Georgia revealed that Morris was known as the "barefoot preacher" because of the habit of removing his shoes before preaching, believing that he was standing on holy ground.

Orr went on to express his grief on the late minister's "earthly death" and contemplated on how to honor his legacy.

Dean Inserra of City Church in Florida described Morris as "a bold preacher of the [G]ospel who loved students and was a staple of summer camp life for years."

Morris' latest speaking engagement was during a youth summer camp last July at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center in Oklahoma.

In a Facebook post last May, the late pastor expressed his pride over his daughter, Eden, when she became a scholar at Pepperdine University.

"Eden committed to Pepperdine University, and I couldn't be more proud. She worked hard, became a regent scholar, and followed God's will in her life. As a dad, having a daughter that follows God's will, instead of what's comfortable and/or easy is all I've ever wanted for her," he wrote.

Morris graduated at Samford University with a bachelor's degree in business finance and took up Master of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He was the founder of Wade Morris Ministries and became a popular speaker at various events in the United States and abroad.

Further, he was the producer of "The Journey Bible Study Series," a Bible study tool which he only started with 14 individuals but is now being used by people not just in America but also in other parts of the world, such as Japan, South Korea, Europe, among others.

He was married to Deborah and they have two children together, Eden and Trinity.