Doctor Warns Those Considering Getting Pregnant Against Getting COVID Jabs

pregnant mom holding flowers near her tummy

Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., the executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) and president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, is warning the public that there hasn't been enough time for scientists to study the effects of COVID vaccines on one's fertility.

The warning was issued shortly after a legal team urged universities and colleges against mandating their students to get the jabs over concerns that it would kill the students.

According to WND, Dr. Orient explained, "If your faith forbids sterilization, or your respect for human rights forbids involuntary sterilization, then you need to consider the risk of infertility from COVID jabs."

The politically conservative 74 year old doctor warned, "We do not know that the COVID jab will cause infertility. But we also do not and cannot know that it doesn't. There simply has not been enough time to see."

Dr. Orient is worried that universities and private organizations have been requiring thousands of young people to "choose between taking the jab or putting their educational plans or careers on hold."

The AAPS chief executive argued, "How much risk can we ethically take, or coerce others to accept-whether the risk is of infertility, miscarriage, disability, chronic disease, or death?"

Dr. Orient warned that the reproductive risks surrounding the COVID jabs "have not been done or reported." What has been reported, however, in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) are "more than 700 post-injection miscarriages."

The AAPS chief demands to see the "pathological examinations of the placentas" and urges an investigation on these cases. She asked if spike proteins, those that are present in COVID jabs, were present in the blood vessels and whether inflammation caused oxygen or nutrients to be cut off from the baby. She said, "An NEJM article that concluded there were no safety signals had no information on the placentas."

Dr. Orient also questioned whether there was damage to the reproductive organs of those who passed away after they got the COVID jab, saying that out of the thousands who perished, only an 86 year old man had undergone an autopsy. The doctor warned that "genetically engineered materials" such as that in the COVID jabs, once placed into the body, can no longer be removed. It is unknown how long they will "remain in the tissues."

Her solution? "Risks and benefits need be considered for different age groups." Dr. Orient argued that people who are past reproductive years have a higher risk for getting the disease, while younger ones "seldom get seriously ill with COVID." She concluded, "A one-size-fits-all mandate is without justification."

According to KHOU11, a recent CDC study found that only 11% of pregnant women are fully vaccinated. The survey also found that vaccination rates are lower for young mothers aged 25 and below, with only less than 6% of pregnant women aged 18 to 24 being vaccinated, citing fears over reproductive and fertility issues.

In June, the National Institutes of Health announced that they have begun an observational study to "evaluate the immune responses generated by COVID-19 vaccines administered to pregnant or postpartum people."

The study will look at 1,000 pregnant or postpartum women and will be followed throughout the first year after delivery, during which they will analyze blood samples to "assess the development and durability of vaccine-induced antibodies overall and by vaccine type and vaccine platform."