Legal Team Warns Schools Against COVID Vaccines ‘Before Your Students Are Harmed Or Killed’

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Attorneys William J. Olson, Herbert W. Titus, Jeremiah L. Morgan, and Robert J. Olson of Law and Freedom have issued a letter to public and private schools in Virginia to oppose the mandatory COVID vaccine requirement amongst its students. The letter was written "on behalf of parents, students, and pro-freedom groups" and delivered to the presidents and chairmen of private colleges in Virginia that are requiring students to be fully vaccinated before the opening of classes in Fall. The legal team's letter "details both medical and legal arguments describing the dangers of mandating the COVID-19 vaccine."

According to Law and Freedom, the group is "demanding the revocation of mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirement" in students who are going back to school this Fall to attend face-to-face classes. The letter was sent in behalf of the Center for Medical Freedom, Health Freedom Virginia, Virginia Coalition for Medical Freedom, CNU Parent Covid-19 Mandate Concerns, University Parents for Informed Consent, Students for Medical Freedom, Virginia Tech Freedom of Choice, JMU Freedom of Choice Parents, Virginia Freedom Keepers, The Virginia Project, America's Future and Students for America, WND reported.

The letter points out how thousands of students plan to attend colleges and universities this Fall but "who refuse to yield to mandates that they first participate in unmonitored experimental genetic therapy by taking the COVID-19 vaccine." The legal team said that such policies are "putting these students, and their parents, in an untenable situation, where they must choose between accepting the significant risk of bodily injury, possible lifelong disability, or death or continue their education" at the aforementioned school and universities.

"The evidence is now clear that some statistically significant number of those students

receiving the inoculation will be harmed seriously, and some may die," the lawyers argued. "A policy of coercion can impose on your institution great responsibility, as well as liability...this coercive policy is contrary to law, contrary to science, and out of line with how other institutions are handling this issue, and therefore flawed from its inception."

Furthermore, the legal team claims that the federal government refused to adopt the same "draconian policies" that schools are implementing to push COVID vaccines on its students. The letter also cites new information about the suggested link between the Pfizer COVID vaccine and myocarditis. According to Medscape, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week was "finalizing language on a warning statement for healthcare providers, vaccine recipients, and parents or caregivers of teens."

The FDA is set to add this warning statement on Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which second doses have been linked to myocarditis or pericarditis.FDA's Division of Vaccines and Related Products Applications deputy director Dr. Doran Fink said, "Symptoms suggestive of myocarditis or pericarditis should result in vaccine recipients seeking medical attention."

Recently, WND reported on over 4,000 deaths or hospitalizations after getting a COVID vaccine. These were "breakthrough cases" or cases of COVID despite being fully vaccinated against the disease. The CDC says that there are "no unexpected patterns have been identified in the case demographics or vaccine characteristics among people with reported vaccine breakthrough infections."