A group of Catholic doctors from Philadelphia reportedly insist through a lawsuit filed against the United States Department of Health and Human Services that a person's biological identity remains the basis for patient treatment.

The Catholic Sentinel said Catholic Medical Association President Dr. Michael Parker have stressed the importance of biological identity for treating patients.

"Biological identity must remain the basis for treating patients," Parker said.

The Catholic Media Association, a national organization led by physicians with 2,300 health care members and 114 guilds, pointed out in a statement that President Joe Biden's mandate on doctors and medical facilities to conduct transgender procedures jeopardizes patients and ethical medical practices.

"We know that biological identity must remain the basis for treating patients. This mandate not only puts the health and safety of our patients in jeopardy, but it in effect also mandates that health care providers give up their fundamental right to conscience. This sets a dangerous precedent with incalculable implications for the ethical practice of medicine," the Catholic Medical Association pointed out.

"We believe that Biden's Health and Human Services Department is grossly overreaching its authority and, in so doing, putting children's psychological and physical health in great peril," the organization added. "We will not stop until the health and safety of every patient, and the dignity of human life- is respected and protected by this Administration."

The Catholic Medical Association's statement comes after joining the lawsuit filed by the American College of Pediatricians and OB-GYN Dr. Jeanie Dassow of Tennessee against the Department of Health and Human Services last Thursday through Alliance Defending Freedom. The lawsuit delves on the new interpretation of HHS on the Affordable Care Act or the Obamacare's prohibition on sex discrimination that includes gender identity.

In May, Biden released his new rule on the Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act that imposes punishment on any medical professional or institution refusing transgender surgery. Most hit by the said new rule were Christians whose religious freedom are impeded. The new rule came into affect a week after Biden sought a court to overturn its order protecting "religious doctors and hospitals" from performing the said procedures on the basis of "their conscience and professional judgment."

The North Dakota District Court ruled in January on the "Sisters of Mercy, et. al. vs. Azar" case that Catholic hospitals are exempt from the Transgender Mandate since it is contrary to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Judge Peter Welte "dismissed without prejudice" the claims of HHS "challenging Title IX and other unidentified federal laws" that mandate Catholic hospitals to conduct the procedures since it "violates their sincerely held religious beliefs."

While the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, as per the Catholic Sentinel, ruled early this month in favor of the lawsuit of Indiana-based Franciscan Alliance against HHS that blocked the transgender mandate since such "gender transition procedures" done "contrary to their religious beliefs" cause "a quintessential irreparable injury."

Alliance Defending Freedom explained that the transgender mandate wants medical professionals to defy scientific truth that there are just two sexes, which actually threatens patients more, particularly children who wish to undergo gender transition through medical surgery and medications.

"Essentially, the government is telling those in the medical profession that they need to ignore the scientific fact that there are two sexes-male and female. But the biological reality is that women's and men's bodies are not the same. They react differently to different medications. They are at greater risks for different types of cancer," the ADF said.

"And, of course, only women are capable of being pregnant. Ignoring these facts creates inaccurate, dangerous, and potentially lethal situations for patients of all ages in health care. But this doesn't just threaten doctors. It threatens their patients as well-children, in particular," the ADF continued.