Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson reacted positively to the recently enacted Texas Heartbeat Law saying she is "thrilled" about it since "abortion is just demonic."

The Christian Post reported that Johnson gave the said remarks during the recent episode of her podcast "Politely Rude." Johnson expressed excitement on the Texas Heartbeat Law or Senate Bill 8.

According to Johnson, the law, which took effect on September 1, puts a stop to abortion clinics performing the procedure even until almost midnight. The law will make abortion in the state harder to attain, if not fully eliminate it by "85 to 95 percent" in Texas."

"Today, babies with a detectable heartbeat in the womb must be protected. And that just thrills me to bits...I'm just so excited," Johnson announced during the podcast.

Johnson, who advocates people "not to be afraid to be countercultural," described clinics who perform abortions up to 11:59pm as "gross" and "evil."

"How...gross that you're like, 'Gotta kill babies up until that last second," Johnson said.

"That's how you know that abortion is just demonic. That's how you know that we're just dealing with evil here--that there's like just, 'Gotta kill them right up until the last second'," she stressed.

Meanwhile, Johnson highlighted the law's goodness in protecting women unlike what leftists claim for allegedly taking away their right to autonomy and their bodies. She elaborated that the law actually prevents women from committing the biggest regret of their lives by making it hard to have an abortion.

She cited instances that women came up to her during events confessing regrets they carry with them for having had an abortion

"I want to make it super hard because I want your baby to live. I don't want you to live a lifetime of regret because of a decision that you made in haste...a decision that you made in crisis," Johnson remarked.

"Women are living with lifelong regret because of these hasty decisions that they make inside of these abortion facilities each and every day," she added.

When Texas ended taxpayer funding for abortion in February, Johnson revealed that claims of abortion providers especially Planned Parenthood that legislation and government actions against the procedure hurting the poor and oppressed are but lies to mislead people.

"As much as abortion advocates will cry this decision hurts the poor and oppressed, Planned Parenthood has been repeatedly caught abusing the very same medical program that is indeed supposed to help low-income families," Johnson disclosed.

Johnson, who has become a pro-life activist after her stint in Planned Parenthood, has launched a project in January to help women who were physically harmed by abortion. The project, Hurt After Abortion, was launched through her Pro-Love Ministries in partnership with the Catholic law firm Thomas More Society. The initiative comes after receiving many incidents of women suffering "physically and emotionally from a past abortion" with "shame and regret" for doing the procedure that they have "normalized."

Leftists immediately attacked SB8 last week by tweeting men and women not to have sex using the hashtag #NoAbortionNoSex in "solidarity" with those in Texas that were deprived of their right of choice. Johnson sarcastically rebutted such claims as a "loss" for "liberal women."

"Liberal women not having sex?? What a loss!" Johnson sarcastically said in Twitter on Monday.