The CDC is reportedly tampering with VAERS statistics to suit an agenda, a report says.

In what contributing editor Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit called the "CDC's greatest accomplishment" in terms of their data being accepted by educated doctors, investigative journalist Corey Lynn confirmed that the number of casualties following a COVID shot has always been "under-documented."

Lynn has been reporting on the CDC's discrepancies, falsified figures, and outright lies for 18 months through her own Corey's Digs website.

In her comprehensive report, titled "CDC Bases COVID Jab Death Toll % on Doses - Not People, as Death Toll Topples all Other 'Vaccines' for 3 Decades," Lynn wrote that the CDC had categorized influenza, pneumonia, car accidents, gunshot wounds, and other deadly diseases as COVID deaths.

Furthermore, rather than counting the number of people who received vaccinations, the CDC simply calculates the % of vaccine-related deaths based on the "number of doses" given.

As an example, Lynn pulled a CDC report stating that the death count on the VAERS reporting system was 6,968 as of August 18, 2021. They note beside the death toll that the 6,968 deaths represent 0.0019% "among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine."

"This is a totally false statement," Lynn observed. "They are basing it on the number of jabs administered, when most people have already received BOTH jabs. They indicate that 363 million doses have been administered. The population of the U.S. is only 328.2 million, therefore millions of people have received two doses."

She noted that the CDC is utilizing the 363 million "doses" to obtain the 0.0019% figure, which therefore lowers the percentage by almost half. This, she said, is for perceptual purposes, since percentages have a larger psychological effect on people.

Lynn broke down the math based on real CDC data to demonstrate how the CDC is intentionally manipulating the number of COVID-related deaths. The result was that even the reported percentage was less than half of the true value if it was really based on head count rather than dosages.

"This is how the CDC and mainstream news have manipulated numbers and minds since COVID hit the U.S. They refer to the CDC as the "experts" but the only thing they are experts at is manipulating numbers," said Lynn.

A number of authorities, including those from the task force and the health department, have said that anybody who dies from any other cause will still be documented as "COVID death IF they test positive with COVID pre or postmortem."

Another issue was the CDC's claims regarding the vaccine's efficacy.

On August 19, 2021, the CDC claimed that the Pfizer BioNTech jab has shown 95% efficacy in clinical trials against the COVID virus. However, the CDC seemed to have forgotten that they published a report in July stating that 74% of fully vaccinated people residing in high-risk areas in Massachusetts tested positive for COVID.

To resolve the inconsistencies, Lynn said that the CDC accepted the blow on bogus effectiveness. They allowed several major news outlets to cover the issue so they could inflate fears about a supposed Delta strain in order to persuade more people to get jabbed, while simultaneously blaming more "variants" for why the jabs won't work.

On why would they do this, Lynn notes that the CDC Foundation receives millions of dollars in funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, she said that the agency has a lengthy list of business partners and sponsors. Their "grants" from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have totaled more than $150 million. Only two months ago, the Gates Foundation reportedly gave them another $971,885 "to understand the COVID-19 epidemiology in Kibera, Kenya."