Outspoken Christian Tony Dungy, a former NFL coach, participated in a lengthy social media debate last week over abortion, challenging President Biden's stance and claiming that the Bible plainly stands with the unborn.

This week, Dungy wrote over 25 tweets on the subject, the most of which were in response to followers who either questioned or backed his pro-life stance.

As reported by Christian Headlines, several of Dungy's remarks were apologetic in tone.

Prior to his presidential candidacy, Biden said that as a devout Catholic, he agreed with the church's position on the subject. To appease the Democratic Party, he changed his mind and stated that life does not begin at conception. This story, which prompted Dungy's original tweet, was also covered by the New York Post.

"I'm curious as to what new information the President has gotten that has changed his mind on abortion and life?" Dungy wrote in the tweet. "Reading the article he seemed to talk about what his faith required him to accept. What has caused him to move away from that faith-based position?"

Dungy was well prepared in rebutting difficult questions or unfavorable remarks in his twitter thread, demonstrating that he's not all bark and no bite.

Following the remarks on Dungy's Twitter feed, Christian Headlines noted that Dungy had 880,000 followers and that he responded to comments over the course of four days.

The topic of abortion's morality was brought up in the course of the virtual debate.

When someone tried to remove faith out of equation, by arguing that abortion is a personal choice "between a woman, her body, her doctor, and her experience," Dungy quipped, "You mentioned nothing about the baby. Was that intentional or do you think the baby is not part of the equation?"

When someone attempted to erase the baby's humanity by asserting that the "baby's thoughts aren't physiologically existent until later in pregnancy," and that the baby's soul is unquestionably an "academic religious question and interpretation," Dungy countered by pointing to the Bible's definition of life and conception in the womb.

"I would love you to read 2 passages from the Bible. Psalm 139:13-16 & Jeremiah 1:5. David-'God knit me together in my mother's womb & ordained my days BEFORE I was born.' God'- Jeremiah. I placed you in the womb.' If you believe the Bible, your faith has to be part of the discussion," he said.

In response to a fan's statement that, even as a person of faith, he does not believe that the anti-abortion law in Texas has anything to do with faith, but rather with control, Dungy instructed him to read Matthew 25:35-36 first. After reading the Matthew text, the former NFL coach turned NBC football commentator asked the commenter to inform him whether the "abortion issue has nothing to do with faith."

"Jesus makes it clear we have a responsibility to help the powerless and the voiceless and we will be judged on whether we did that or not," Dungy pointed out.

One user, who went under the Twitter moniker "Destroyer of Hypocrisy," claimed abortion should stay legal since it has been allowed for 50 years.

Dungy said, "We had laws on the books for many years that were not right, and someone had to step up to change them. If leadership was just making sure 'the way we've always done it' keeps getting enforced, where would we be as a country right now?"