Former President Donald Trump wondered why some Christians "can be supportive" of President Joe Biden's Anti-Christian and pro-abortion policies.

Trump revealed in an interview with CBN News that he has a lot of concerns against Biden who is exactly his opposite when it comes to being pro-life despite describing himself as a "Devout Catholic." Trump particularly cited Biden's policies that are negatively affecting organized religion.

"If you look at his policies, and if you look at what he's doing to religion, and organized religion, if you look at what's going on, I don't know how the Catholic Church can be supportive of him," Trump said.

Trump pointed out that during his time, getting half of the Catholic vote disappointed him. But Biden, whose administration has recently pushed the extremely far-reaching pro-abortion Women's Health Protection Act that now has made Catholics truly angry at him.

"Now I got, I guess, 50 or 52 percent of the Catholic vote and I was very disappointed by that. I said, there's no way. Evangelicals great, but they got it, they really got it. But the Catholics are very angry, very angry at him," Trump told CBN News.

During the interview, Trump discussed Biden's policies on immigration. Trump called the border crisis a "the worst in history" and a "destruction from inside of our country." He also highlighted how the border crises has made a "laughingstock" of the country.

The border crisis coupled with the migrant influx, according to the Team Trump, has caused Biden's approval rating to decline as his disapproval rate "hits new high of 58 percent," as per the recent Rasmussen Polls.

Trump also spoke against the vaccine mandates and expressed support to "fight" it while raising the need to "allow people their freedoms." CBN News actually asked if Trump should have fired Dr. Anthony Fauci back when he was still the president since he does not trust Biden's Chief Medical Adviser. Trump did not answer the question directly but pointed out that he did what he needed to do.

"If I would have done it, I would have taken heat. If I didn't do it. I would have. You know, it's the same story. I did what I wanted to do, and I made the correct decisions," Trump remarked.

A possible run?

Asked what would make him not run for the presidency in 2024, Trump cited that a possible scenario would be having a "bad call" from a doctor.

"I guess a bad call from a doctor or something, right? You get that call and say, 'sir, how you doing? Come on down here and see us because we got a bad report, right?'," Trump disclosed.

Trump clarified right after the "bad call" comment, however, that he currently feels "so good" but hates what's currently happening to America. He then emphasized that things happen "through" God.

"So things happen through God, they happen, but I feel so good and I hate what's happening to our country," he stressed.

Trump recently held a Save America Rally in Perry, Georgia over the weekend that, based on the livestreamed video on the event, drew in great crowds cheering him to run for the 2024 presidential elections. Another one is scheduled in October at Des Moines, Iowa.

Predictions on the outcome of the presidential 2024 elections are already being given by various individuals should Trump really decide to run again. Comedian and podcast host Joseph James Rogan said Trump "is probably gonna win" against Biden.

Similarly, the Washington Examineer cited the Rasmussen Reports survey on a Trump-Biden election predicting the former win by 10 points over latter at a 51%-41%. Respondents of the said survey reveal dismay over voting for Biden and would instead vote for Trump next time.