Catholic Bishops Will Still Give Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Communion

Joe Biden

Catholic Bishops will still give pro-abortion President Joe BIden and other high profile public officials Holy Communion, a report says

CBN News said that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have reinforced that it will still give pro-abortion public officials like Biden Holy Communion.

As reported previously, the USCCB has created a special section in its website to clarify issues that it has allegedly agreed during its Spring General Assembly to go ahead and draft a policy that prohibits high profile pro-abortion public officials from receiving Holy Communion. The new section, "The Meaning Of The Eucharist In The Life Of The Church," addresses each of the questions raised on the issue through a Q&A portion.

"No, this was not up for vote or debate. The bishops made no decision about barring anyone from receiving Holy Communion," the USCCB emphasized in its Q&A on the matter.

"Each Catholic--regardless of whether they hold public office or not--is called to continual conversion, and the U.S. bishops have repeatedly emphasized the obligation of all Catholics to support human life and dignity and other fundamental principles of Catholic moral and social teaching," they pointed out.

CBN News said the issue on denying pro-abortion Catholics Communion has been circulating for months since Biden publicly claims to be a "Devout Catholic" despite targeting laws that actually go against the teaching of the church on the sanctity of life. His changed stand on the Hyde Amendment and his revocation of the Mexico City Policy along with ensuring full support of the Roe vs Hyde are but some of what made many doubt his words on the faith he professes.

In line with the bishops' stance on the issue, CBN News said the parish Biden often goes to for Sunday Mass, the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, has issued a statement in its website, that assures that Holy Communion will not be denied to pro-abortion Catholic public officials.

The statement, written by its Parish Council, expresses support to Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory in his stand on the issue.

"As a parish which has a long history of welcoming all, we concur with and support the pastoral approach of our Archbishop. Holy Trinity Catholic Church will not deny the Eucharist to persons presenting themselves to receive it," the parish said.

"The great gift of the Holy Eucharist is too sacred to be made a political issue," they ended.

According to the new USCCB website section on The Meaning of the Eucharist, the bishops have agreed to draft a catechetical document and not a policy. The bishops found it an opportune time to do the document now because of the "declining belief and understanding of the Eucharist among the Catholic faithful," such that the theme of their strategic planning for 2021-2024 centers on the Eucharist.

The theme is "Created Anew by the Body and Blood of Christ: Source of Our Healing and Hope."

"This important document on the Eucharist will serve as a foundation for the multi-year Eucharistic Revival Project, a major national effort to reignite Eucharistic faith in our country," the Q&A explained.

The new section also pointed out that the document will take time before it will be published because the bishops will have to undergo several consultations on it among themselves and with the Catholic faithful.