A woman from India died from abortion but doctors have reportedly reported it as a COVID-19 death.

LifeNews said doctors from a hospital in Navi Mumbai were caught passing off the death of a young woman from abortion as caused by the coronavirus.

"Botched Abortion Kills Young Woman, Doctors Caught Passing Off Her Death as COVID Fatality," LifeNews tweeted on Wednesday.

Six medical workers, including pathologists and doctors, from the hospital were accused for the death of the woman, 36-year-old Ashwini Thavai, and her baby on May 1. This was reported as COVID-19 related. Thavai is said to be six weeks pregnant when she was prescribed to undergo abortion for medical reasons.

As per Times of India, the authorities have conducted several tests on Thavai the day before her death and it did not show that she was inflicted with COVID-19. Part of the tests given on Thavai was an antigen test and a RT-PCR test and both resulted negative on COVID-19.

Yet the doctors would not handover Thavai's body on claims that she is COVID-19 positive. Thus, the post-mortem report indicated Thavai to be COVID-19 positive and that the cause of death was an incomplete abortion.

Thavai was said to be given an abortion pill by her doctor but it failed. Thavai then went to the hospital that May 1 for a surgical abortion. The surgery caused her to suffer excessive bleeding and the medical workers decided to transfer her to another hospital. She arrived at the new hospital only to die 45 minutes later. All six medical workers have already been arrested by the local police.

As reported previously, renowned abortion pill Mifepristone works in combination with labor inducing Misoprostol. Both cause excessive bleeding and have been reported to cause deaths after being taken by a mother wanting to undergo abortion, such as the 16-year-old Papa New Guinea we reported in July.

Republican Senators in the United States have actually urged the Food and Drug Administration in September to remove the said abortion pills from the American market since it is very dangerous. This was seconded by South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem who released Executive Order 2021-12 that banned telemedicine abortions.

Noem declared the ban since she said one "can no longer rely on the US Food & Drug Administration for sound, impartial medical protocols, and include commonsense measures that will assure" safety for the state from the "dangerous abortion pills."

As per Live Action, there are 2,363 abortion conducted daily in the United States. The pro-life group founded by Lila Rose launched last week the 2363 campaign that's set to "change minds" on the preborn or the unborn child. Live Action said abortion is now "the leading cause of death for children" in the United States.

The Public Discourse published in 2019 a joint letter from 30,000 doctors of the American College of Pediatricians that "abortion is never necessary to save a mother's life." The doctors touted claims of the Democratic Party and pro-choice groups that abortion is for health care.

"Abortion treats no disease. Pregnancy is not a disease, and deliberately killing the unborn child by abortion is not healthcare," the doctors said.