On Monday, a Virginia juvenile court ruled that a trans-identifying male teen was guilty of sexually assaulting a female student at a Loudoun County high school in May. Chief Judge Pamela L. Brooks of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court ruled that there was sufficient evidence to determine the teenager guilty of sexual assault in a case that sparked national outrage over the school district, which transgender policies allowed anyone of any gender access to any bathroom they felt their gender identified with.

According to the National Review, the victim was a 15 year old girl who testified in court that she had engaged in consensual sexual activity with the accused boy twice in the girls' bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. However, the boy had violently intimidated to perform sexual acts on one other occasion, which became the subject of the lawsuit filed by the girl's family.

Scott Smith, the girl's father, was also the subject of public humiliation after spoke out during a Loudoun County school board meeting about the sexual assault against his daughter that stemmed from the fact that the school district continued to uphold transgender policies, thereby allowing males who identify as females to enter girls' bathrooms without question, CBN News reported.

When Smith grew angry over the Loudoun Country Public Schools (LCPS) board members denying that they knew of any sexual assault cases in their campuses, he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Unsurprisingly, mainstream media is failing once again to report on the judge's guilty ruling on Loudoun County's transgender rapist case. Save for AP News that called it a "murky case of a student who allegedly committed sex crimes in two area schools," no other Big Media company has picked up the story that a Virginia judge had actually found the cross-dressing male student guilty.

According to Newsbusters, "the liberal broadcast networks continued their total blackout of the story, including the cover-up by the liberal school board." AP News even tried to "cast doubt on the validity of the case" by calling it "murky." The Daily Wire did due diligence and reported on the teen "who reportedly identifies as 'gender fluid'" and was found guilty of assaulting Smith's daughter inside a girls' bathroom at Stone Bridge "while wearing a skirt." Fox News was the other only major network that gave airtime to this story.

Meanwhile, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is using his platform to raise awareness on the issue, calling for an "immediate investigation into the Loudoun County school board for their gross negligence" after two sexual assault cases involving the trans student was reported. He reminded the school district school board that they "had a duty of care" which they "failed" to carry out, resulting in the "[endangerment of] our students and [the violation of the] Virginia Constitution."

Youngkin also took aim at the Department of Justice, which also recently faced controversy for expressing interest in surveilling parents who raised concerns over critical race theory and transgender policies in the state's schools. He argued that instead of investigating the parents, the Department of Justice "should be investigating those who covered up a heinous crime in our schools."